Springtime Grapefruit Cocktail

One of my favorite things about Spring and Summertime is all the fruit that's in season. Everything is so much brighter and juicier, and the grocery store feels like it's in abundance of tasty fruits! Mmmm! Right now, I'm on a serious citrus kick. Grapefruit, in particular has been my go to. I've been having one every day for the past few weeks, and I am so not sorry about my obsession. I've been loving it so much, I figured it was time to add it to a cocktail!

This cocktail is something you can whip up fairly quickly. It's incredibly refreshing, and you can make it with things you more than likely already have at home. I love fancy cocktails, but when it's hot out and I just want to sip on something while I catch up on The Mindy Project (best show, by the way!), my go to is always something simple yet satisfying. Here's what you need to make your own grapefruit cocktail:

-1/2 Grapefruit
-Splash of Malibu coconut rum
-Splash of pressed grapefruit juice (optional, I happened to have this on hand)

In a glass, muddle your grapefruit. Combine both the Malibu and juice in a shaker with some ice. Shake it like a polaroid picture, pour over ice, and enjoy!

What's been your go to in season fruit?
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A Sea of Flowers

Happy Monday! I know I'm a broken record on this one, but...time is flying. I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that this is the last week of April. Ah! This month has been insane. I spent a large chunk of April on a serious job hunt, which turned out to be much more stressful than I thought. It's tough putting yourself out there, and to be totally honest, I'm not used to rejection. I don't mean that in a snooty way, I just haven't had to do this in so long. By week 3 of not finding the right fit, I was a complete stress ball. I'm talking cry sessions and stress zits (insert Jimmy Fallon's ~ew~). The good news is, I found something that I am so incredibly excited about! Putting so much emphasize on work has left me feeling like I need to add something more to my life. Creativity, travel, new hobbies, you get the gist. I kind of like this feeling of the unknown. I can choose what I want to do with my time right now, and that's a serious privilege! So, now that you know more about where all my energy has been going, I thought I'd share a few pictures from our trip to The Flower Fields a few weeks ago!

The Flower Fields are a Spring time tradition for Andy and I. There's nothing more beautiful than walking around a sea of flowers with your best friend! We dropped by right when they opened on a Sunday morning and we were the only people there, which made the fields seem even more massive.

Oh, if Ms. Frizzle was in need of a Mr. Frizzle, my husband would fit the roll perfectly. His themed shirts for our dates are always my favorite!

What are some of your Spring time traditions?
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Life Lately

Hey there, blogland! I sure have missed you! It's fun to be back in this little space of mine again. I feel like everything has been going 100 miles an hour and I haven't been able to catch my breath. I'm also having a hard time understanding how it was just January 1st, and all of a sudden here we are now about to approach the beginning of April! Whaaa?!?! But really. Time-you have to slow down. Life lately has been a lot about the "next thing". I'm in the middle of a serious job hunt, Andy and I are considering moving to San Diego, and somehow we are already making Summer travel plans. Whoa. I'm not really one to enjoy having things up in the air, but somehow I'm super cool with all of this right now. SO, life is pretty alright! I will say, I haven't tapped into my inner creative and that's a bummer. I'm hoping to get to crafting sometime in the next few days. Not sure what I'm feeling like making, but I definitely want to make something! Here's a little more of what I've been up to since we last caught up...

Margarita making. A lot of margarita making.

Andy and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! We spent our day napping and watching Netflix. Ha! We also started a new tradition of picking up mini cakes and sweets from the bakery where we got our wedding cake. This was actually just a random thing we came up with after we pulled out our frozen cake we had saved from our wedding day and decided it looked horrific. If you actually ate the cake you saved-I applaud you. We had to dare each other like children to eat it and neither one of us budged. Perhaps I froze it wrong?...The day after our anniversary was Leap Day, so we spent it at our happy place! Obviously!

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I went wine tasting with coworkers! I love wine country! Also, totally digging California weather more than usual. Even with our weird bursts of rain.

We've been taking Duke everywhere lately! Tell us it's dog friendly and we are there! It's fun to travel in our pack of 3. It's extra fun to watch his goofy grin everywhere he goes. We've especially been loving the dog beach. It's one of the few places I'm okay with him being off leash. Last time we were there a wave took him and he looked half terrified half excited, haha.

This past weekend we celebrated Andy's 28th birthday with a few of our friends! I love being surrounded by such great people. We are seriously lucky to have the friends we have. Also, they all live in San Diego. Reason #1389983094 that we are considering the move. Eeek!

Sunday morning, Andy and I had brunch in San Diego before heading home. We absolutely love the North Park area. I lived in San Diego when I went to college there but never fully experienced all it's neat crevices. Now that I can appreciate it more, I feel like it's a good mix of LA and OC. Quiet and homey enough like Orange County, but also fun and creative like Los Angeles! The biggest thing holding us back from moving right now is Andy's job and the comfort of knowing Orange County so well. We also have my parents here and a lot of my own friends are here too. But then we think, now's the time-we don't have kids and don't own property yet! We can do whatevaaahhhh! Any of you ever had a similar struggle? Also, can you just tell me what to do, please? Haha :)

So that's what's been going on in my world! What's up with you?!? Tell me everything!
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Beyoncé Champagne Label DIY + FREE Printable!

Happy Saturday! Or as my husband would like me to believe, "Super Bowl Weekend".  I've never been much into the football, but I can definitely get behind the halftime show during the big game! Particularly this year, as Queen B is going to grace us with her presence for a second time. I've been obsessively watching her videos on YouTube, and every time my face is frozen and all I can think is "how the eff does she move so fast-in heels-without running out of breath or messing up her hair?!?". She's a mystery! Any who, it's Saturday so I'll keep this short and sweet. Super Bowl-I don't know who's playing...BUT...I will be flipping my hair all over the place come halftime! If you'll be doing the same, here's a super quick DIY for your weekend. These wine/champagne labels are incredibly easy to print, peel, and add to your favorite bottle of booze. These are also awesome for your gal pals for Valentine's Day-because who doesn't want to receive alcohol with Beyoncé lyrics on them?!?

For the labels, I used these Avery square labels (item #22806). I've recently become obsessed with Avery labels and I basically want to print everything on them and label whatever crosses my path! These particular labels are on the smaller side because I used mini bottles of champagne, but Avery offers a ton of labels in different sizes/shapes so you can get creative! 

You can grab your FREE printable right here

Enjoy! Also, I have  a lot of theories on who will join Beyoncé on stage this weekend. I'm obviously hoping for a power couple performance of Crazy in Love so fingers crossed that Jay Z comes out!
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The Bachelor Rose DIY + Free Printable

Hey there! Happy February, happy Monday! Better yet, happy Bachelor Monday! Have you guys been following Ben and his endeavors with Americas' craziest women?!? Ever Monday night, I am yelling at the TV, partway ready to rip my hair out (I'm looking at you, Olivia), partway laughing, partway swooning. I could go on forever about why I both love and absolutely hate this show, but instead, I'm going to throw a DIY at you inspired by the best thing to happen to Monday nights!  If you're as obsessed with The Bachelor as I am, then this DIY is for you, girlfriend. I give you, a Bachelor rose with some of the funniest...weirdest...quotes from season 20. AND, a free printable for you to share the crazy with your gal pals!

For this DIY, you'll just need some infamous red roses, scissors and tape (or some ribbon if you want to be fancy), and the printable at the end of this post! Nothing groundbreaking here. Simply print and cut, then tape to a rose stem. Hand off to those worthy of your presence. Avoid giving them to gluten haters, anyone named Lace, and those who are unemployed.

You can grab your free printable here

These are perfect as a fun and easy Valentine's Day gift! K but really, who do you think will be the future Mrs. Higgins? I'm rooting for Lauren B, and Olivia's mouth Twitter account-but not Olivia herself ;) 
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