Midway Ice Castles, Utah

Ah, these ice castles...a dream come true! Living in Southern California all my life, I've never experienced snow quite like this before. It literally took my breath away! I had been wanting to visit these castles for quite some time now, so late last year I decided 2017 had to be the year I finally saw them. The drive up to the castles was so beautiful I literally cried (and sat in the car laughing at myself for being so overly sentimental...while crying at the same time haha!). The castles themselves obviously did not disappoint! This is a super family friendly place! You can take pictures with Elsa before walking in, there are built in ice slides and tunnels you can play in, and if you time your visit right you can see some fun night shows! We got our tickets for the 4:30pm time slot and we got to enjoy the castles with plenty of daylight. Around 5:15pm or so, the castles lit up with beautiful lights and a fire dancer came out to perform which was super neat! They also had really yummy hot chocolate and other treats available for sale. All of this combined with "Let It Go" playing faintly in the background made for the absolute best snow trip ever! 

Midway Ice Castles are located at:
700 Homestead Dr.
Midway, UT 84049



  1. All that ice is mind-bogglingly beautiful!! Send some our way - we've only had two days of snow this year in D.C. and neither of them really count, since it didn't stick for more than maybe a morning!

  2. All we've had in California lately is rain!! Hoping you got your fill of snow ;)

  3. I seriously love your photos!


  4. Hi there! I'm wanting urgently to speak with you about your Salvation Mountain photography. Im a designer and I'd like your permission to use your gorgeous shots in my look book as part of the collection was inspired by Salvation Mountain. I will happily credit you as the image source.

    Please let me know ASAP, I'm in love with your imagery!!!

    My email is leasha.jayne@icloud.com


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