Duke Goes Apple Picking

Hey, what's up, hello! Long time no see! I've really been thinking a lot about this little blog, and how much I love and miss it. I'm dusting off the cobwebs today to share Duke's day of apple picking because FALL is finally here! This time of year is when I seriously come alive and thrive, ha! A lot of changes happened during the summer. We moved, Andy and I both started new jobs, we began talking more seriously about starting a family and discovered the stress and heartbreak that comes along with that sometimes; basically my entire life felt a little all over the place. Things are finally starting to slow down a bit, and I feel like I've adjusted to our new routines and day to day. I'm giddy over these cooler days and quiet nights at home with my little family and my giant collection of Fall candles (hehe). We thought we'd kick off the season by taking a drive to Oak Glen to pick some apples. This was our first year bringing Duke along, and although slightly challenging, I was happy to know Oak Glen was more or less dog friendly enough for us to bring our little fur ball!

On some of our previous apple picking trips, we've gone to Riley's Farm (you can checkout that post here!). Although Riley's Farm is also dog friendly, we found that it's very very busy. If your dog is anything like ours, large crowds are a big no no.  This year we drove just a tad up the street and visited Riley's Apple Farm instead! It's still just as beautiful but significantly smaller so the crowds don't get overwhelming. Riley's is dog friendly, and the staff is awesome! The only "downside" is you have to carry your dog through the orchards. No one wants dog pee on their apples, yeah? This wasn't really a problem for us because Duke is basically our toddler and we tend to carry him a lot anyway, haha. We also got there right when they opened, which really help with the whole crowds issue!

After picking our apples, we headed to Oak Tree Village, which is at the center of Oak Glen. It's the sweetest little village with tons of shops and restaurants where doggies are always welcome! Before heading home we stopped for fresh cider and BBQ at one of the many ranches in the area. Most are dog friendly, just call ahead! Overall I would say Oak Glen is a great place to bring your 4 legged pal so long as you're prepared to carry your little munchkin around a bit!

Riley's Apple Farm is located at:
12201 S. Oak Glen Road
Oak Glen/Yucaipa CA 92399

Psst, put your apples to good use and make a cocktail with them ;) apple and mint moscow mules HERE!


  1. Awww apple picking is such a fun part of fall! And it's even better with a pup!

    1. Absolutely, always my favorite part of Fall! Thanks for stopping by, Lauren! :)

  2. I just love apple picking season! I've only been once but it was super fun. If only we could get more of an autumnish feeling in CA though. Anyway, that cactus shirt is so cute!

    xx freshfizzle


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