Our Stay at the Flamingo Las Vegas

There's something you should know about me: I have mega butter fingers. Hand me something and there's an 80% chance I'm going to drop it. My phone is probably what I drop most often, so naturally it had a shattered screen for a while. Again, I'm a dropper, so a shatter screened has never bothered me until the home button, aka the main button on the iPhone, actually fell out of my phone leaving it looking totally nakey. I freaked out immediately after realizing that not only was my home button now gone, my entire phone was completely frozen. My tech life flashed before my eyes as I realized that I hadn't backed up any of my photos, and I hadn't connected my last Candy Crush game to Facebook. AHHHHH! K, but really. All jokes aside, I was fairly upset till a few hours later when my phone had a moment of rebirth. I frantically started backing up all my photos, which brought me to this little trip I forgot to share! There's always a bright side, am I right?!?

Although we took this trip forever ago (almost a year ago, to be exact), I figured I'd share it today because it's National Pink Day! We've been to Vegas a handful of times and I had always wanted to stay at the Flamingo because hi, it's pink and it's flamingo themed! Andy found us a pretty great deal and we decided to go for it. We booked a room for $35, and much to our surprise, we were upgraded to this INSANE suite when we got there. Since we had never been upgraded this way, we pretty much spent the entire time in the suite, drinking champagne and watching Bachelor in Paradise, haha.

We're itching to go back to Vegas later this Summer. More than likely back to the Flamingo because their service is impeccable and also, did I mention there's a lot of pink?!?


  1. This place looks awesome! I love the colors and the art in the room.

  2. I can't get over how different all of the hotels are in Vegas. We stayed in the Luxor and couldn't believe the difference in all of them - I'll definitely be looking into the Flamingo. LOVE the pink!

    Hollie | ItsHollieAnn.com

  3. These guys are absolutely amazing, and you'd be crazy to party anywhere else in the city. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. It's elegant, affordable, and delicious. You really get bang for your buck there! And the service at event space San Francisco is top-notch.


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