June Goals

You know when you go a long time without seeing a close friend and then when you're finally together you just want to burst into insane chatter about anything and everything that has been going on in your life? That's exactly how I feel right now. Hi there, blog friends! It's been forever and a half since I've taken the time to stop in and say hey. First off, happy freaking June! Say wahh?!? How we're already halfway through the year is a mystery to me, but alas, here we are. April and May were serious months of change for me. I made the decision to leave a job I had been at for four years after feeling like I had reached my maximum potential. It's weird deciding to leave something you've known and felt comfortable with for so long. Working there opened my eyes and heart to a community I didn't know existed. It made me a kinder, more empathetic person, and it helped me discovered my passion.  Job hunting felt a little like knowing you've outgrown your high school boyfriend, but still being a little too timid to jump into college dating. Is that a horrible analogy? Was everyone else just cool with dating in college?? Ha! Anyway, job hunting. It was stressful and slightly overwhelming. I'm happy to report that I've found a new job that I am so excited about! It's exactly what I'd been looking for and more. I feel challenged every day, which is something I had been missing for a while. It's also slightly terrifying. I'm no longer in the comfort of what I knew for so long, and the bar is set a lot higher. In a few months I'll be taking a board exam for this job, which kind of makes me want to shiz my pantaloons every time I think of it. I suppose I'll cross that hurdle when I get there (the exam, not the shiz). For now, I'm eager to get back to a much more chilled out life again. Once long ago when I was a better blogger, I used to love to blog about my goals for the month. They always made me feel motivated and excited about the things I wanted to accomplish, so I figured there was no better time than June 1st to hop back into that!

June Goals
1. Post daily on Instagram. I really sucked at keeping up with Instagram the last few weeks. It's definitely still one of my favorite communities, but there's nothing inspiring or photogenic about me frantically job hunting, crying, and having emotional breakdowns in our messy home. Haha :) also, I've really been digging Snapchat, too! (username: HeyJessKeller)
2. Go to yoga three times a week. I went once in May. Eeek!
3. Continue with my "say yes" attitude. Last month I decided I had to put away the "I'm sorry I can't, I'm super busy" phrase. Instead, I started saying yes to everything! Which lead to sweet times with friends, new and old. I love that I didn't miss out on things by giving some lame excuse, and I actually felt rather refreshed after every activity I agreed to! I'm excited to work that attitude into Summer!
4. Read at least two books. I started Me Before You a few days ago and I am loving it (aka I am crying all over the place).
5. Take tons of photos and record a few videos. I just got a few camera accessories I'm super excited to play around with!

What are some of your goals for the month of June? I'd love to hear them!

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