The Bachelor Rose DIY + Free Printable

Hey there! Happy February, happy Monday! Better yet, happy Bachelor Monday! Have you guys been following Ben and his endeavors with Americas' craziest women?!? Ever Monday night, I am yelling at the TV, partway ready to rip my hair out (I'm looking at you, Olivia), partway laughing, partway swooning. I could go on forever about why I both love and absolutely hate this show, but instead, I'm going to throw a DIY at you inspired by the best thing to happen to Monday nights!  If you're as obsessed with The Bachelor as I am, then this DIY is for you, girlfriend. I give you, a Bachelor rose with some of the funniest...weirdest...quotes from season 20. AND, a free printable for you to share the crazy with your gal pals!

For this DIY, you'll just need some infamous red roses, scissors and tape (or some ribbon if you want to be fancy), and the printable at the end of this post! Nothing groundbreaking here. Simply print and cut, then tape to a rose stem. Hand off to those worthy of your presence. Avoid giving them to gluten haters, anyone named Lace, and those who are unemployed.

You can grab your free printable here

These are perfect as a fun and easy Valentine's Day gift! K but really, who do you think will be the future Mrs. Higgins? I'm rooting for Lauren B, and Olivia's mouth Twitter account-but not Olivia herself ;) 


  1. These are amazing! Haha.

  2. Ha! These are amazing! My guilty pleasure of the Bachelor too! Yes, Olivia makes me cringe! Always so dramatic- Love what you are doing with your blog Jess! Inspiring and so simple and realistic too! Love ya friend!

  3. Hilarious! I wish I was back in my hometown so I could have a girls Bachelor night and give them these roses! Love it!

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  5. It also has at times, those extra activities that the bachelor would apparently be doing for the last time before he gets strippers


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