Beyoncé Champagne Label DIY + FREE Printable!

Happy Saturday! Or as my husband would like me to believe, "Super Bowl Weekend".  I've never been much into the football, but I can definitely get behind the halftime show during the big game! Particularly this year, as Queen B is going to grace us with her presence for a second time. I've been obsessively watching her videos on YouTube, and every time my face is frozen and all I can think is "how the eff does she move so fast-in heels-without running out of breath or messing up her hair?!?". She's a mystery! Any who, it's Saturday so I'll keep this short and sweet. Super Bowl-I don't know who's playing...BUT...I will be flipping my hair all over the place come halftime! If you'll be doing the same, here's a super quick DIY for your weekend. These wine/champagne labels are incredibly easy to print, peel, and add to your favorite bottle of booze. These are also awesome for your gal pals for Valentine's Day-because who doesn't want to receive alcohol with Beyoncé lyrics on them?!?

For the labels, I used these Avery square labels (item #22806). I've recently become obsessed with Avery labels and I basically want to print everything on them and label whatever crosses my path! These particular labels are on the smaller side because I used mini bottles of champagne, but Avery offers a ton of labels in different sizes/shapes so you can get creative! 

You can grab your FREE printable right here

Enjoy! Also, I have  a lot of theories on who will join Beyoncé on stage this weekend. I'm obviously hoping for a power couple performance of Crazy in Love so fingers crossed that Jay Z comes out!


  1. Oh my gosh, these came out SO CUTE!! I just want to use those printables as a computer background. I hope you enjoyed the halftime show last night :)


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