DIY Emoji Ornaments

Oh, hey there! I'm just going to casually sneak back in here like nothing ever happened and I didn't go MIA for over a month...phew. I hope you all had a fantastic October! This last chunk of the year is my absolute favorite for all the obvious reasons: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Starbucks red cups, holiday cheer, all the Christmas movies and music 24/7. Ahhhh. I'm actually heading to the Michael Bublé  Christmas Special taping this evening and I'm not so secretly freaking out because I am so excited! SO, in honor of all things awesome and Christmas, I figured today would be the perfect day to share this super easy project for DIY emoji ornaments. They're incredibly easy but full of fun and personality! 

To make your own Emoji ornaments you will need:
-Clear, glass ornaments 
-Yellow craft paint (at least 2 bottles)
-Black, white, blue, and pink craft paints for the faces
-Paint brush

Start off by pouring yellow paint into your clear ornaments and swirling around until your entire ornament is yellow. Pour out any excess paint, and let your ornaments sit to dry (about 5-6 hours). Once they've dried and no paint is pouring out, carefully paint your favorite faces on the outside of the ornament. The end. That's all. Woohoo!! 

I'm forever thankful to the Emoji creators for bringing so much life to my text messages AND my holiday decor. Ha! 

What's your favorite Emoji face? I'm totally digging the eye roll these days ;) 



  1. Aaahhhh these are awesome, and that pink tree is FANTASTIC!! I want one of these trees for my apartment :)

  2. This is such a cool idea! Especially if you want to give a cute, modern gift for some friends who just moved into their own place. I feel like my friends would be obsessed with this idea. It would also be cool to do on a girls night in (Christmas/Winter edition) where you get together to make gifts for all your friends. Love this DIY idea! Commenting via The Blogging Elite from!

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