Introducing 20 Minute DIY's

As you're reading this, Andrew and I are on our way to Palm Springs. I'm super excited because I've never been, but slightly nervous because I know it's going to be crazy hot. I plan on spending a lot of time at the pool of our hotel, staying hydrated with margaritas! You can keep up with this Kardashian over on Instagram for the rest of the week ;) for now, I thought I'd introduce to you this new series I've been playing with for a while. I love crafting. It's fun, relaxing, and usually pretty rewarding. It can also however be super time consuming (and expensive!). A few months ago, I started a hashtag on Instagram for my DIY photos, and little by little a few of them have gotten re-posted to some major accounts, which has been so cool! After one particular photo was re-posted multiple times/gained a good amount of attention, it donned on me that people just dig super fun and quick crafts. At least I know I do! Because of that, I've decided I want to start doing posts on 20 minute DIY's on here. Quick, practical crafts to do when you have a free afternoon or just need a little dose of creativity! Along with this, I'm also going to continue posting super quick DIY's on my Instagram. I'm really excited to head this direction, because I feel like it's something I would want to read myself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I already am! You can checkout my DIY's on Instagram by searching #JLTLdiy. 

I thought I'd kick off my little series with this summery pineapple flower vase DIY. It's perfect for any BBQ's you might be throwing this weekend, or just to keep around the house for pretty decor for a few days! 

Materials: 1 whole pineapple, plastic cup, knife, scissors, flowers
Cost: >$10

Start off by chopping off the top of your pineapple. Using your knife, make 4 even slits inside the pineapple, going as deep as possible without actually puncturing a whole at the bottom. Slowly and carefully pull out each pineapple chunk. This is pretty obvious, but don't throw that away, it's still good pineapple of course! (you get a snack and a vase out of this!). Once your pineapple is hollowed out, cut a plastic cup in half and fill it with water. Arrange your flowers to your liking and stick them in your little cup. Putting them in the clean cup with water instead of directly into the pineapple will ensure your flowers last a little longer. You can even add the little packet of vitamins most flowers come with so they're extra vibrant! Place your cup into your pineapple, and make any final arrangements. 

What are some quick and easy crafts you've been wanting to try? 
Have a fantastic holiday weekend! I'll be soaking up the sun the next few days. See you guys around the internet till then :) 


  1. I totally loved this idea. Will definitely give it a try! :)

  2. I love this idea! I am really messy when cutting pineapples so I can only imagine I would be the to take 2 hours instead of 20 minutes haha. Great idea for 20 minute DIY, I think it would be a good linky party!

    1. Haha, this made me giggle! Thanks for the idea for a link party, might have to work on that at some point!

  3. I love pineapples :) just saw another cute DIY where you paint the tops crazy!

  4. Gah, so vibrant and pretty. I love everything about your DIY style because it makes non-DIYers like me feel like I can actually do this and it's actually going to be affordable. 20 minute DIYs are even better because it makes me feel like I can create something cute, cheap, and quickly which is perfect!

    Also, have you heard of Craftistas ( They're an AR start-up I just became aware of and though I don't think my blogging style fits their business, it made me think they might be perfect for you since you craft and DIY so often.

    Have fun on your vacay and I'll definitely be keeping up via Insta!


    1. Thanks Ashlee! I'm so glad you like them! And thanks for letting me know about craftistas, I'll have to look into them!

  5. Ha! Fun idea! An item on my bucket list is to throw a Hawaiian theme party. I'll be sure to add these to the decor. Thanks for sharing. -Misty

  6. What a cute idea! Would look really pretty as a centerpiece at a BBQ.

  7. SUUUCH a cute idea! And I love the bright, cheery photos, too!


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