Our Wedding Photos

Since I shared our engagement photos yesterday, I thought I'd keep the train rolling and share our wedding photos today! I won't be sharing all of our photos, partially because there are way too many, but mostly because I don't feel all that comfortable posting photos of my friends and family. With that said, there are plenty of really great ones here! It was hard to narrow it down to a few favorites. I had to look through all of them multiple times (read: 10000000 times because I love them!).

We had a very traditional Catholic ceremony. I've grown up Catholic all my life, but I can say with ease that this moment was the closest I have ever felt to God (and to Andrew). There are a few things about the day that didn't go as planned, but our ceremony was perfect. I was at ease, and so at peace, and I knew that was exactly where I needed to be. Seriously, most special hour of my life.

These two photos were taken right after our ceremony while we waited for everyone to come out behind us. We didn't know the photographer was close by, so I love the genuine emotion in these. The top one is my favorite and I can't wait to frame it!

After our ceremony, we drove to a nearby lake to take photos with our bridal party. Funny story: a bee made it under my dress somehow and it stung me while we were taking pictures. They found the bee, but no stinger. 2 days later after my leg was crazy swollen, my mom pulled the stinger out with the jaws of life. So cute.

Since we're both huge Disney fans (and Disney is the reason why we became friends in the first place!) we had a few Disney touches throughout our reception. Each table was named after a Disney love story. And our welcome table was "Up" themed. For our escort cards we placed a small popcorn box at each seat with each of our guests names so they knew where to sit. The popcorn was a hit! I mean, who doesn't like popcorn, am I right? 

Our first dance! We danced to I See the Light from Tangled. We watched Tangled on our first date and the night we got engaged (and 100000 times between those two events), so there was no question when it came to picking our song that this would be it! My dad and I danced to When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2, and Andrew and his mom danced to You've Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story. It was fun keeping these dances Disney themed too! 

Our sweetheart table was simple, but I loved it so much! I wish we had it as our actual table at home haha. It was particularly special because we enjoyed some of the best moments of our reception from there. The food (duh), all the speeches, and for a bit, our guests dining and dancing and having a fun time! There really are hundreds of other photos I'd like to share! The ones of our guests dancing are serious gold. But for now, we'll leave it at this. Phew! Thanks for making it to the end of this post! :)

All photos by TMinspired Photography. By the way, Taylor is amazing. You NEED to hire her if you're ever in need of a photographer!

PS: Scenes From Our Honeymoon & Dating Anniversary Celebration at Disneyland



  1. I love all of the Disney elements--your wedding was beautiful from start to finish! :) You and your husband both look as if you're glowing in all of them. CONGRATS!

  2. Your wedding was beautiful!! I also did a lot of gold and glitter at mine! I LOVE the pic of him looking at you coming down the aisle!

  3. I'm having a million heart eyes over these pictures and cannot wait to see the rest!! It's like I can feel the love that I felt that day radiating from you two allll over again!!! ALSO, your train. gahh, it looks perfect constantly!!

    ALSO shout out to Jocelyn for the gold glitter that I think made that cake stand of my mom's freaking PERFECT in Taylor's pix. LOL.

  4. What beautiful photos! I love the colors too. And the Disney! Lovely!!!

  5. Your photos are gorgeous! I'm a huge popcorn fan, so I think it's incredibly cool that you incorporated that into your reception!

  6. HIS FACE. Gah. So much love in these pictures!

  7. That first picture is the best. His face!!

  8. All of these pictures are so pretty! Your wedding looked like it was a blast!

  9. I did a similar post to this in March for my two year anniversary! I just love looking back on those special moments:) Thank you for sharing!

  10. LOVE THIS!!!!! Welcome to marriage.. it's the best journey yet!!!

  11. These are gorgeous! So So beautiful! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing with us!

  12. Congratulations! I love the Disney theme. =)

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