Spring In A Glass

This may make make sound like a total dud, but I love drinking pretty drinks. The prettier the drink, the better! Although I don't mind the taste of water, I like it even more when it's sweetened with fruits. It's pretty AND refreshing! Since spring is in full swing, I decided my water had to get springified as well. If you struggle with the taste of water, or you're also into pretty drinks, this "spa" water is for you! 

The best part about adding flavor to your water is that you have the freedom to really play around with different combinations. I love a classic cucumber and lemon combo myself. This particular mix I made is much sweeter than most, and I snuck in a few edible flowers for a little extra something! For your own spring in a glass you will need:

-Edible flowers (I found mine at Whole Foods)
-Lemon Slices
-1 Vanilla Bean

Start by cutting your vanilla bean in half. If you've never smelled a vanilla bean before, you're missing out. It is heavenly, and it made the water smell so sweet!  I then added the vanilla to the water and let it sit for about 10 minutes to let it's flavors out. Once my water was vanilla scented (seriously!), I added the rest of the ingredients. The longer you let this water sit, the tastier it is! This combo is delicious, but it's also very beautiful. I can't wait to serve it at a party!

What are some things you like adding to your water?


  1. Wow!! This looks like such a cool drink!! You are so creative, and this just screams SPRING to me!!

  2. Amazing! Your photos are so fantastic! This looks like such a great drink!

  3. What a fun idea for a Spring party! It looks delicious!

  4. This looks beautiful and sounds delicious!! I will be trying it. I would have never thought of the vanilla bean !


    1. The vanilla bean makes a huge difference! Enjoy! :)


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