Pretty Easter Egg DIY

Naturally, I forgot today was Saint Patrick's I bring to you an Easter project! Woops! I feel like I'm still not completely caught up with my life. It should be against the law to work/have major responsibilities a month before and after your wedding. Throw in the time change, this crazy 90+ degree heat in SoCal, and very little sleep and you've got a really overwhelmed, forgetful me. Also, I'm obviously just being a brat. Things are peachy over here; but it is really hot, I am very sleepy, and I definitely jumped the gun and went straight to Easter projects. I'm not that sorry though, because Easter is one of the sweetest holidays and it makes me so very happy! 

Much like everyone else, I've really been enjoying the beauty of succulents lately. They're so fresh, and keeping them alive is easy as pie. I own quite a few of them, so I decided I'd use 2 of my smaller ones and stick them in little Easter eggs as decor for a while. I found these eggs at a 99 Cent Only store, and they're totally awesome because the bottoms of them are actually flat so you can sit them up! This obviously isn't an ideal place to house a succulent permanently, but it's a fun idea if you want something pretty to look at for a bit, or if you want to give a fun Easter gift this year! The process of making these pretty Easter eggs is really self explanatory. I basically put a tiny bit of soil towards the bottom of the egg, topped it with a tiny little succulent, and called it a day! I was also able to add a bit of water in there since the egg has the tiniest little hole at the bottom for the water to drain. I mixed it up by adding some artificial flowers into the other two eggs, and I think the results are also super cute! Easy DIY's are my absolute favorite, as you probably know by now!

What's your favorite way to decorate for Easter? Also, what are you doing for Saint Patrick's Day? Andrew made the best dinner last night and we have a ton of leftovers, so I'm curling up with a bowl of meaty pasta and a brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars tonight. I am wild. Have a happy day, friends!


  1. I've never been one to decorate for anything other than Christmas, but since owning a home I find myself wanting to decorate a little more. These are so pretty and such a creative idea!

    1. Oh I'd go nuts decorating an entire home haha :) thanks Lisa!

  2. Those are adorable decorations for Easter! I've never thought of doing something with the egg containers before.

  3. Oh my goodness, those are so pretty in the eggs! I'll have to keep my eye out for some similar eggs.

  4. Oh man, it was just as hot in NorCal over the weekend. I had to break out the shorts with my stark white legs!!!

  5. Oh my goodness these are SOOO pretty. I love the photos, what a great idea


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