April Goals

Uhm, how is March already coming to an end? 2015 started like 5 seconds ago, so I actually have no idea what's going on. March was mine and Andrew's first full month as husband and wife. Needless to say, it's been one of the sweetest months for me! I didn't think being married would really change too much between us (I have a few married friends who said things were basically the same right after they got married), but being married has been the greatest thing for the two of us. We are just so freakin' happy, and everything we used to do together is a thousand times sweeter because we're so giddy about each other. I know it won't always be like this, but I'm happy that we've been focusing on one another and our relationship so much. I mentioned in my honeymoon post that being engaged was a little rough, and I really am so grateful to be where we are now.

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Anyway, let's get into this whole April goal setting thing, because it's a new month in 2 days and nothing makes me feel more refreshed than a brand new month!

March Goals:
1. Change my name. I have yet to do this. Woops. 
2. Send out our thank you cards. Uh.............
3. Update my blog, catch up, be less sucky on here. I didn't get around to updating my blog, but I did get a chance to spend a few days working on better content to share in April. I'm so excited about it! 
4. Make dinner for Andrew 4-5 times a week. K, this was a really ambitious goal. Turns out Andrew is really great at taking care of dinner and I'm more about handling the lunch situation. I'm glad we figured it out. Phew! 

April Goals:
1. Change my name. I can't put this off anymore. AH! 
2. Send out our thank you cards. Like actually.
3. Review my 2015 goals. I've been very slowly working on some, but I'd like to really dive into my goals and dreams this month!
4. Workout daily. Even just a quick little walk, but I have to make it happen. 
5. Take a creative field trip. I used to think creativity should just happen, but sometimes you have to make it happen, and that's not a bad thing.
6. Email, Skype, or call a few of my blogger friends. When I first started blogging I met some of the sweetest girls who ended up becoming friends of mine. Two of them even came to our wedding! I feel lucky to have met all these girls through blogging, and I know I'll be friends with them long after I stop blogging. I've been pretty busy, but I really want to focus on getting in touch with them again!

What are some of your goals for the new month?
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  1. If you put off changing your name, you'll be married for 2.5 years like me and still have your maiden name, and your husband will say, "At this point, does it even matter if you're legally the same name as me?" And I say, "Well, not to me, but to you does it?" And he'll say, "nope! Let's save the money and time spent at stupid government offices." So... yeah. That's what happens.

    1. Haha, this made me giggle hehe :) if I don't do it this month, I'll probably just forget about it too. #dedicatedwife :D

  2. Ohhh, I creative field trip sounds fun! Sometimes we have to jump start our creativity right?! Hope you have fun and blog about it!

  3. I just love that your first full month as husband and wife was so sweet. So wonderful to hear...warmed my heart. :) Isn't it odd to call him your husband? We couldn't get over calling each other husband and wife and spent much of our honeymoon talking about it! 7 years later, it feels natural. :)

    Thank you cards...good luck with that. While I normally enjoy writing thank you notes, it does get a little old when you have to write so many. Just split it up in doable chunks so you can remain thankful and not frustrated!

    Stopping by from Weekly Wishes.

    1. Great tip on the thank you cards Emily! Thanks!! And it really is crazy to call him my husband. He's really enjoying calling me his wife any chance he gets. I don't think he's used my name since the day we got married haha :)

  4. Looks like a great list! That dinner goal was a lofty one! ha! (but I do hate to cook!)

    1. Haha, lucky for me Andrew enjoys cooking a lot more than I do!

  5. I want to be on your reconnect list! We have so much to catch up on! In fact I will text you later today when I'm home from work. :D

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