February Goals

I should start this post by letting you know that our wedding is 19 days from today and I am one missing glittery gem on a dress away from a major meltdown. February really snuck up on me and although I'm stoked out of my mind to be getting married soon (AHHHH!) I'm also terrified about how quickly time is passing. I'm also not sure if January really happened or not, but alas, here I am. About to set some goals for the month or whatevaaa.

Here are a few fun things that happened in January!
-I became a contributor for The Nectar Collective. YAY!! I used to read Melyssa's blog religiously when she was living in Japan. I got to meet her and work with her on a blogger event we held early last year, and ever since then we've been great friends (at least I THINK SO??? HA!). I'm incredibly excited to be contributing to her blog since I've been a long time reader and fan girl of hers! My first post went up last week and you can check it out here. Obviously I went with something boozy because-duh.
-I had my bridal shower. Yay! This was so fun for me, and I'm so crazy thankful for my awesome maid of honor and bridesmaids for throwing such a beautiful celebration for me!
-I celebrated my 24th birthday. I've never been one to get caught up in the sadness of getting older, but something about 24 just seems so.old to me. Sigh.
-We took our engagement photos. We slacked on this like no other. So glad we finally got these taken care of though! I'm obsessed with them and with our photographer, Taylor!
-Andrew and I went on an engaged encounter weekend. We spent 3 days really getting in touch with each other, opening up, and learning useful skills to make our marriage a God centered partnership. It was a requirement from our church to attend this, but I can easily say it was the best thing he and I have ever experienced together.

We also went to the snow in January and almost froze to death! 
February Goals/To-Do List:
1. Find ways to relax and enjoy quality time with Andrew. Although we have a ton to do, I want to chill a bit and enjoy our last few days as an engaged couple. 
2. Take it all in and be present. We have a few people from other states and a handful of friends and family from out of the country. I'm so excited to see everyone! I really want to focus on enjoying everyone and appreciating the fact that they're all here for us!
3. Take a crazy amount of photos all month. Must document these moments!!

What are you up to this month? I want to know!
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  1. Oh my... how exciting! CONGRATS on The Nectar Collective!!

  2. Hey Girl!! I LOVE your new layout! I hadn't seen it yet! Congrats on getting so much closer to your wedding day! I can't wait to see pictures!!!

  3. Congrats on getting married! Married life is simply the best! Don't stress out too much on your wedding; I don't remember half of our reception and I don't think I ate anything the whole night. I was just happy to finally be married to my man!

  4. How exciting about the Nectar Collective. Try to enjoy the next few days they are going to fly by.

  5. Ahh all of this is so exciting! The last few weeks of getting ready for the wedding are so stressful but so worth it. Just try to enjoy it and laugh it off!

  6. your to do list this month is perfect <3 except let's add "FaceTime with stepahnie" to that list haha

  7. Happy Birthday and Congrats on getting married!

  8. I love your goal of being present. that is a great day. and and yay for your wedding soon and birthday!


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