Weekly Wishes #48

How is it Monday again?? Sigh. Apparently I only like to blog on Monday's now...and the only thing I like to blog about is the things I have to do. Woops. I promise to be mo' better about this cycle. Really, really. 

This weekend was a huge wake up call that we're getting married soon. Like, really really soon. Andrew and I spent Friday at this giant flower market in Los Angeles picking up everything we'll need for our centerpieces and figuring out what types of flowers we want to use. Did you know there are approximately one million types of flowers out there? It's true. They all look pretty similar to one another, they all cost way too much money, and they're all so very beautiful! We spent about 3 hours shopping (and by shopping I really mean being lost/confused/overwhelmed) but we finally have our centerpieces and flowers in order, and that's left me feeling really peaceful. We ended our flower mission by enjoying some tacos and buying a little baby piñata. Because adults who are about to be married must own donkey piñatas for no reason.

Saturday was my bridal shower, and that's when all this wedding stuff started to feel real. Ah! I am so thankful and appreciative for the awesome women in my family and circle of friends who have always supported me. My bridesmaids and maid of honor planned the sweetest party ever! Pink, glitter, flowers, precious little details, all of my favorite things! My maid of honor had "Almost Mrs Keller" printed on cocktail napkins and I just couldn't get over how cool that was. So fun!!

So that was my weekend! We're 41 days away from our wedding (OMG OMG OMG), so naturally I have a million things to do. Let's get to it!

Last Weeks Wishes/To-Do List:
1. Workout 3-4 times. Lol, no. 
2. Go to bed earlier. Yes! I slept a lot last week, actually. I needed that! 
3. Get ahead in my blogging work/scheduling.  I'm happy to report that this week you'll have more to read than my pesky to-do list. 
4. Be present during my time with Andrew
5. Make a game plan for the last stretch of wedding things we have to do.  Yessssss!!! 

This Weeks Wishes/To-Do List:
1. Workout 3-4 times. 
2. Drink water like it's my job. I ended up getting so dehydrated last Wednesday that I had to get an IV in me. It felt like it came out of nowhere, but now thinking about it, I definitely wasn't drinking enough. It was terrible, I felt like crap, and I never want to feel that way again! 
3. Work on my "master mind group" to-do list. I haven't talked about it on here yet, but I meet with 2 like minded friends every few weeks to go over projects and things we're working on individually. We bounce ideas off each other and make sure to keep ourselves accountable for what we want to get accomplished. It's been really great for my productivity! 
4. All the wedding things. Get in touch with our vendors, finish up a few crafts, put a playlist together for our DJ, make an itinerary for our wedding party, etc. etc. etc.  
5. Write/send thank you cards out to those who attended my bridal shower. I want to make sure I don't let too much time pass without sending these, otherwise I'll forget! 

What are some of your goals this week?
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  1. lovely colorful flowers, happy wedding planning!

  2. It's funny how a bridal shower will make everything feel real, isn't it? I'm glad it was good!

  3. Ah so excited for you! Those napkins are so cute!

  4. Your photos are gorgeous. Mondays I always seem to have the most to say. It's weird! Maybe it's because of lazy weekends!

  5. Pretty! Good luck on that wedding planning.

  6. Aw! You are so close! Congratulations!

  7. Wow! Good luck with the wedding! Getting your flowers from the flower market is such a great idea for a DIY!


  8. You are getting close. I went wedding dress shopping for my little sister who is engaged. It was fun and reminded me of years ago planning my own wedding.

  9. Sooo cute!! I am right there with you on drinking more water this week :)

  10. My friends are in this water challenge, 12 cups a day. I need to step up my water game as well!

  11. The flower mart in LA had me feeling the same way the first time I dropped in! You guys look like you did a great job though. Your MOH did good cause that napkin is super cute!

  12. This week, to exercise. I love those flowers!!

  13. Good luck with your week and all your wedding plans!

  14. Omg, I am obsessed with the idea of having almost... on my napkins for my wedding. Definitely pinning that later!

    Katie <3


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