My First Hot Yoga Experience

Yesterday morning Raewyn, our friend Ady, and I attended our first hot yoga class at Purple Yoga in Fullerton. They have an awesome 2 week introductory pass for $20, so we figured it'd be fun to try. We were all supposed to go hiking over the weekend but we got pancakes instead, so we were super determined not to flake out on yoga! Lo and behold, we were late to our first class...we're the worst. Luckily this studio is pretty relaxed and they let us in. I am incredibly sore this morning, and feeling totally awesome and satisfied, so I'd say I had a fantastic experience! We're going back later this week and I am excited! I had a rocky start to the class, mostly because I seriously could not focus on what I was doing. There's a lot that goes on in a hot room full of sweaty bodies...sounds pretty...but it's actually not. Take a peek inside my brain...ALSO, I hate looking at people's feet, so I'm sorry about this picture...BUT look at all the pretty pink stuff! #pinkpower

Alright, it's really not that hot in here, I can totally hang...
*10 minutes later*
Alright, it's actually pretty hot in here, I might die...
*Looks over at Raewyn & Ady's faces*
Uhm, they look pretty uncomfortable, I wonder if I look like that too?
*Looks at mirror*
OMG I look terrible...
*Looks around room*
Ballerina looking girl in the front of the class looks really intense. Let me follow her every move...
...FML it's hot in here....
I wonder where Nelly recorded his music video? Was it actually hot in there? 
Why's that guy wearing such short shorts?
I wonder if sweat gets trapped in his armpit hair? How do guys walk around with so much hair under there like it's no big deal?
Okay, focus.
*Cool song comes on*
HEY, they played this during an episode of Gossip Girl!
I wonder if Blake Lively does yoga?
*Thoughts suddenly rush to Adam Levine*
He totally does yoga...
Ballerina looking girl is too hardcore, I can't deal.
It's hot
*Randomly starts thinking about Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendez having a baby*
She's smart. She's locked him down forever. Surely Ryan would never walk out on her, he is too perfect.
I wonder if they'll get married.
I wonder if BuzzFeed will cover the entire thing.
I wonder if they will have a girl.
She would be SO CUTE!
He would look so cute carrying her around omg!
*Instructor tells everyone to shift their bodies to the left and bend down*
Cool, Raewyn's butt is actually in my face. Which means I have my own butt in a strangers face. Great.
*Slowly starting to focus*
SWEAT is seeping into my eyes, omg. OMG. It stings.
*Looks over at thermostat*
It's 99 degrees in here. No big deal. No big deal.
Only 1 degree hotter than Nick Lachey's boy band stint. 
At least my mat and water bottle are super cute and pink.
Everyone must think I look like an idiot with all this pink stuff.
I like pink. Whatevvssss.
*Little more focusing*
K, breathe. Wait, have I been breathing at all during this? I can't remember.
This is niceeeee.
*Totally focused*
Holy crap, this is nice!
*Practice ends and I'm chilling on the floor*
OMG. That was nice! Also, must find better adjectives for my vocabulary.

There you have it. Hot yoga is NICE.

Have you ever been to a hot yoga studio? If so, did you find yourself thinking of the most random crap at the most inappropriate times? PS, anyone have any tips to avoid feeling this sore? HELP!


  1. I'll go for regular yoga. I hate being excruciatingly hot. :] // ☼

  2. I've been wanting to try hot yoga forevs, but haven't taken the plunge. You make me want to get there asap. Also, reading your thought process was HILARIOUS. I literally laughed out loud which further confirms you're a girl after my own heart! The Nelly, Ryan Gosling, Gossip Girl, and Nick Lachey comments were on point. How hot actually was it in there? Calling shenanigans on you Nelly! xoxo

  3. This is such a better story than the one Raewyn told me. All I got from her was that it was terrible. I gave her full warning though it is not fun.

    1. hahaha, Disclaimer: Jess loves hot things. Raewyn can't breathe.

  4. Hahahahahahaha the mental battle!!! I love that type of stream of consciousness explanation!

  5. haha this was a fun post! I have always wanted to try hot yoga! I'm glad to hear it's "nice."

  6. hahah, I totally felt like my butt was in your face!! I'm sorry!! lol. Also, anytime you want to do regular yoga OR pole dancing, I'm your girl. Hot yoga? Take Ady!

  7. I have wanted to do hot yoga for a while! I was considering starting in the winter when it's freezing. I am not sure I can take anymore heat at this point!

  8. I do hot yoga!!! I love it!!!!!

  9. I heard a lot of people love the hot yoga. it's something my condition wouldn't allow me to do. I'm glad you "enjoyed" it.

  10. Oh my gosh this just made my day! You are too funny! I typically feel all those things during regular yoga class, I can't imagine hot yoga!

  11. I love Hot Yoga! and this post is perfect!

  12. Lol! This post had me cracking up! I would die during hot yoga.

  13. I have never done yoga. But I can imagine myself thinking the most inapropriate things while doing it. It seems to be the perfect thing to make your mind wander.

  14. I used to love hot yoga then got away from it I really want to go back!

  15. I like hot yoga. I started it when some health issues arose .

  16. this is comic perfection! i have been wanting to try hot yoga...i'm pretty sure the "omg i look terrible" thought would go through my head. i always think that when i go to zumba, but then i look at the middle-aged lady dancing next to me and i always feel a little bit better.

  17. Ohhhh jeez, I don't know if I could do it.

  18. I used to do hot yoga and man it is hard work but the feeling after is amazing!

  19. I've never done hot yoga, but I've always wanted to try! I absolutely love yoga, but I don't know if I could do it in the heat, haha.

  20. Not sure I can survive that, I love yoga but nah

  21. lol - I love yoga but there is no way I could do hot yoga. My mind wanders randomly like that too.

  22. Honestly, - I could not to hot yoga and respect that fact that you tried it out!

    Xo, Michelle

  23. I am loving that yoga mat! So pretty! Your thoughts during hot yoga were so funny!

  24. Sounds like it was too hot for me! I've only ever done regular yoga. Fun read.

  25. I remember my first hot yoga experience! I was guzzling water the whole time and could barely focus. But I am glad I went back since it was shocking at first but then I fell in love with it!

  26. I totally couldn't handle it! Waaay too intense!

  27. Hot yoga always intrigued me! It just sounds way too uncomfortable for me lol!

  28. I have heard so much about hot yoga. I feel like I need to try it. I like your description though. Nice. :)

  29. hahaha you are too funny. i wanna try it with you guys! i am too shy to go on my own.

  30. I've wanted to try hot yoga for quite some time now!


  31. kay i'm catching up and if you read my comments in the order i left them you'll know i said i want to try hot yoga, but now i'm scared hahaha.

  32. I just started trying The Yoga Mat. I'll have to give Purple Yoga a shot - I didn't know they had a hot yoga!


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