As you can probably already tell from my photo-heavy blog, I really like taking pictures of everything. I always have my camera on me, and I take pictures of Duke basically every day (go on, judge me). I wish I could post every single yawn, sneeze, and cute face I catch Duke making...but I'm pretty sure no one but Andrew and myself would really read this blog if I did that. I've narrowed down a few pictures I've never posted that you just HAVE to see...because Duke is cute, duh.

I bought Duke this pink flamingo the other day and he LOVES it! Andrew isn't a big fan of Duke's girly toys, but they're so cute, I can't say no when I see them. Also, Duke likes bully sticks...which are dried up bull penises. They're supposed to be really good for dog teeth so I buy one for Duke every few weeks or so. That too makes Andrew uncomfortable. Duke and I are slowly breaking his "manliness" though, one flamingo toy and bull penis at a time.

It was National Iced Tea Day on Tuesday, and like the good citizen that I am, I went and bought an iced tea. Who actually comes up with these holidays? Also, I have to confess that I'm not a huge Starbucks fan. I know, I know, who am I?? But really...their iced tea isn't anything special and it's really overpriced. I very much prefer It's A Grind or Coffee Bean for iced tea. They have more flavors to choose from and their tea costs slightly less than Starbucks. Unfortunately for me, Starbucks rules every street corner, so it's the easiest place to go to. On that note, here are a few pictures of Duke trying to get some of my Starbucks tea haha. 

Aside from a crazy amount of Duke pictures that I don't end up posting, I also keep myself from posting a lot of DIY's/meals that I make, mostly because they're pretty simple and self explanatory. Most start off as potential posts, but after I realize it takes me like 5 minutes to make, I decide to just keep it to myself. 

I've really been into making tropical chia pudding. I add 1 tbs of chia seeds to 1/2 cup of almond milk and I leave that in the fridge overnight. In the morning, I blend a handful of frozen mango, a handful of frozen pineapple, and a splash of almond milk together and I add that to my chia seed concoction. The outcome is a really delicious and filling breakfast. It's incredibly refreshing and it tastes like summer in a cup! 

This DIY happened because I was walking around Michael's pretty aimlessly (per usual) and I came upon this cute little milk jar in the clearance section. I also found the flowers on sale, so overall this project cost me about $3. It turns out it's kind of time consuming to paint glass, by the way. I did one coat, let it dry a bit, and did 2 more coats after that. I could have just drop paint inside the glass and let it spread, but the writing on the glass itself would be colorless so that wouldn't have worked. Either way, I like the outcome!

I'm quickly realizing that once we get married, all these pink girly crafts might not be welcome in mine and Andrew's room. So for now, I'm milking it as much as possible. Since it's summer, I decided to switch out my pastel garland for bright colors. PS it looks a little crazy in this shot because I had the fan on.

And a few rando snaps I took yesterday...

I JUST discovered Spotify. Where in the world have I been?? I'm really liking the Summer Party 2014 playlist, mostly because it makes me feel really cool! Also, I got this little speaker at Victoria's Secret a while ago as a gift with purchase and it works really well! I love free stuff that ends up being fantastic!

Andrew and I went to It's A Grind to have a computer date...aka a date where we sit together but don't talk to one another. Except, I barely got any work done because all we did was talk to each other.

Do you often find yourself leaving out posts that you at some point thought were blog worthy??


  1. oh my gosh I just love this all of it. dried up bull penises?? what the HECK! and the computer date!!! ugh. I just love all of this <3

  2. Your dog is absolutely adorable…and I would totally read your blog even if it was just pics of your pup! Too cute. As for Starbucks, did you know they have Pup Cups? My dogs get one every weekend, and they are free. :) Some locations call them pup cups and others call them puppuccino's…they go CRAZY for them!


    1. Thanks for telling me about the pup cups, I HAVE to take Duke before the weekend ends!! xoxo

  3. Can I live vicariously through all of your pink stuff? It's not allowed here anymore D:

    1. Bahhh I just saw this! Let's both soak in all my pink stuff because I'll have to say goodbye to it pretty soon too haha


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