Five On Friday

Happy Friday!
It's been such a fantastic week and I'm SO excited for an even more fantastic weekend! Raewyn and I are going to the Penelope Lane Boutique tomorrow, which hello, has our name written all over it! I've also got a lot of DIY things I want to work on this weekend and that always makes for a fun time. Hoorayyyy! Let's get on to five things that made my week awesome...

1. Flavored water is my jam. SO good! I've really been enjoying raspberries and lemon slices in mine lately. Adding fruits to my water has really increased my intake, which can only mean good things. Also, since it's basically Summer, I decided to switch out my garland with some brighter colors. To see me old one/to learn how to easily make your own, click here

2. In case you're in serious need of fruity accessories, get yourself to Forever 21, asap! They have so much cute pineapple stuff, my heart almost exploded when I found all of these! Also, the pineapple ear buds are awesome but they don't stay in your ears. Oh well, at least you'll look all kinds of cool.

3. Andrew and I went to Disneyland on Wednesday evening...but what else is new? I really enjoyed taking pictures of these swings, except for the fact that I got slightly dizzy from looking up too much...and then I made myself even dizzier by getting on them. Any who, this is one of my favorite attractions mostly because feeling the wind in my hair makes me feel like I'm in a movie, and that's never a bad feeling.

4. While at Disneyland, Andrew decided he was going to Instagram a photo of us. He often forgets he has an account, and is easily amused when his photos get more than 3 likes. He's also not so great with the social media, so I always have to walk him through posting a photo. What an odd soul that boy. If you'd like to follow him, I'm sure he'd be a happy little clam! His username is @andrewkeller10. Also, he's not even paying me for this promotion. I might have to charge him though.

5. Duke is the perfect little model every morning. I should also admit that I DO take his picture just about every day. Everything he does is just so darn cute! Plus everyone needs their daily selfie. 

What's made your week totally rock?
PS: you still have time to purchase tickets to our blogger tea party! Don't miss out! 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Yum I am definitely going to have to start making some fruit water - that looks amazing!! I also loooove everything fruity from Forever 21 right now!

    1. Fruity water is my favorite! Cucumber and lemon is also really awesome! And YES get yourself to Forever!!

  2. Totally diggin' your pineapple haul! Flavored water is my jam as well. I made a strawberry lemon mint water! :] // ☼

    1. Oooohh LOVE strawberry lemon mint water! Seriously, the possibilities are endless!

  3. Guess I need to add fruit to my water and I will drink it more. But I won't be using the water from the sink that's for sure. regardless the filter on it.

    1. Yeah definitely use fresh water for a better experience! :)

  4. aww duke is the cutest. and love disneyland - jealous!


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