Easy Pizza Night

Pizza night is (obviously) our favorite night around here. Andrew and I consider it a quick meal, mostly because we cheat and buy our pizza crusts/sauce already made. At some point I'll make our own pizza crusts, but for now, pizza night happens when we're out of dinner ideas and we have random stuff in our fridge that we want to use up. The possibilities for pizza are endless!

If you eat gluten free, I highly recommend you try out the Rudis Gluten-Free Bakery pizza crust. The pack comes with 2 individual crusts for $4.99 at Whole Foods. I've done a ton of research (read: eating) when it comes to gluten free pizza crusts, and this is definitely the best! The price is great, and it doesn't taste like cardboard (so unheard of when it comes to gluten free crusts). Since Andrew doesn't eat gluten free, I like to keep Naan bread around for pizza night. There's a lot you can do with it, and it's also a really great price. We buy ours at Trader Joe's for $3.99. We also like to use the Trader Joe's marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese for our pizzas. Anywhoodles, now that you know the foundation of our five star entrees...and what lazy pizza makers we are, let's get on to how we like to top them....

I can eat heirloom tomatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so they're always present for pizza nights! I really enjoy tomatoes, avocado, and a little feta cheese on top (not pictured here). Another favorite is pineapple, chicken and mushroom...and of course, a classic pepperoni will never do you wrong. I really enjoy experimenting with my toppings. Andrew on the other hand, likes meats meats meats. Only meats. 

Also, before you think I'm a selfish topping hoarder, you should know that all we had in our fridge to top our pizzas with were veggies. You couldn't pay Andrew enough money to put a single veggie on his pizza. Ever. Which really works out for me because I can't get enough heirloom tomatoes and avocado...

Duke! Always present for our dinner dates! 

What are your favorite pizza toppings? 


  1. I loooo0oove veggie pizza!! I hate tomatoes though, which is a shame. I know how beneficial they are, but I just can't seem to eat them without cringing. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

    1. So funny, the more I put tomatoes up on my blog, the more people mention how they don't like them! I tend to eat them like they're apples or grapes, which grosses some people out haha :)

  2. I'm with Andy on this one...although I think I put onions on my pizza on Friday? FOR THE RECORD. I ate pizza more days than not last week :/ Friday was my 3rd time and then we got pizza for everyone moving on Saturday and I had it for two meals and THEN lunch on Sunday. I am pizza-ed out

    p.s. you made your pizzas pretty
    p.p.s. didn't Andy teach you about Edge-locking? :P

    1. Hahaha edge-locking! Muahaha. Also, I made another pizza for dinner last night! Making up for my lack of pizza eating!

  3. I am totally here for the food! I am here from La Maman Hereuse's blog. I am guest posting on Thursday and just happened to stumble upon your space. I looooove pictures of delicious food AND I am always up for new recipes and ideas. Hence; "I'm here for the food comment..!"

    I love the pizza ideas. I have made my own before but never thought about putting avocado on my pizza. YUM! I love green peppers, jalapenos, ham, mushrooms and onions on my pizza. Yum! Now... I want pizza....!!!

    Haley @ Truth Be Told

    1. Haha, I absolutely love your first sentence! So excited to read your guest post later this week! Also, your ideal pizza sounds SO GOOD! I already had dinner but there's never a wrong time to think about how delicious pizza is haha :)


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