Hi, remember me? 
Let's talk about the fact that the last time I did a real post was 15 days ago...and it was kind of half-assed. I hit a bit of a blogging slump, that I may or may not write about at some point. Most likely not though, I think I can fix what my problem is without having to explain it to everyone. Plus I hate hearing excuses sooooo I won't put you through them either. I love this place, and I miss it, and even though I don't have a "real" post today, I wanted to drop in and say hello. I'm carving some time out this weekend to really focus on this little corner of mine, and I am incredibly excited for that! I spent a good chunk of this week surrounded by and speaking to so many creative people that I truly admire, and there's nothing like saying out loud what you've been thinking/feeling in regards to blogging to people that just get it. Anyway, our engagement party is tomorrow and I made the executive decision to change our color scheme for the party around 8pm last night. Bless Andrew's patient soul, man. I'm only slightly hating myself right now, but things will be under control pretty soon...

Besides being covered in a ton of glitter and paint, here's a few other things that are currently going on with me...

making: A photo booth. I'm really proud of it! It cost me under $20 and it's going to be fantastic *toots own horn*
cooking: Nothing. This week has been ridiculous. I'm going to fail at married life.
drinking: Every single cup of iced coffee that I can get my hands on. Wednesday night I realized I had given myself a caffeine headache.
listening: To this cover of Train's Marry Me. I have to admit that I've listened to this song since April. Also, I'm really obsessed with the guy that sings it. I follow him on Twitter and often I bring him up in conversation like he's my bff. I think Andrew is sick of hearing about Josh and I KNOW he is sick of hearing his cover. Josh, hi, if you're reading this, please come to our wedding.
wanting: To try the mini chocolate peanut butter cups at Trader Joe's. 
playing: Candy Crush. Yeah, I still play. I was stuck on the same level since October and I'm relentless so I couldn't just give up. I finally passed that stupid level sometime last week and now I need a level pass. Send me one, please.
wasting: Way too much time on Instagram.
wishing: For some solo time with Andrew. We've been incredibly busy with work and wedding stuff and I miss our time of just hangin'.
enjoying: Elise Blaha and her cool podcast! If you're a blogger, you must check it out!
wondering: What Duke thinks about all the time. I wish I could switch lives with him for a day.
loving: My new lights from Target (pictured above). I found them on sale for $8.50! PS they were originally only $10...but $1 makes me holler.
hoping: No one judges me for what I'm about to share...I've been listening to a lot of One Direction. It happened on accident and now there's no going back.
wearing: Hoodies because it's been cold in the mornings. What the heck, California??
following: The Pretty Little Liars live tweeting that happens all day on Tuesdays, because I'm actually a 14 year old.
bookmarking: Too much wedding stuff. TOO. MUCH.
feeling: Excited for our engagement party...but also feeling like I need a loooong nap.And some iced coffee.

Cheers to it being FRIDAY!
I hope you all have a fantastic and relaxing weekend!



  1. Love this! OMG I adore Pretty Little Liars, I am watching it on Netflix. I like how I still have no clue who A is; it literally could be anyone, everyone, or no one. And is there such thing as a "real" post? They're all real. If it's published, it's real. :] // ☼

  2. Can't wait to hear more!! It's totally okay to take a blog break =) We've all done it. Just glad you're back and can't wait to hear more from you :)

  3. Breaks are totally fine if it means you're going to come back awesome! I really like your blog, and I'm excited to start following along with it!

  4. I've also been in a little blogging slump - an unintentional one, but it's whatever. I'm also going to carve out some time to focus on my blog this weekend and maybe even attempt to write one post this weekend in which I don't whine about something. Haha. I'm so happy your engagement party is shaping up! Loved reading this post and have been meaning to text you! Also, I hope you'll share your photo booth - dying to see something that fantastic and under $20! xoxo

    1. Haha every time I sit down to write I'm like ehhhh maybe I won't post this since it's too much whining haha

  5. i basically always suck at blogging. but i love when you DO blog <3

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you! They're definitely having their moment right now!

  7. I feel like I need to go to Target and BUY.ALL.THE.THINGS before we move overseas! Those lights are precious! I hung a pari two years ago on our front walk way, and lit them every single night (some days forgetting to turn them off) and we finally had to toss them as the cords were finally wearing. They are just perfect!
    I love that cover- thanks for sharing it! I love this song so very much! Embarrassingly enough I cried like a child when they sang it at their SD County fair concert last year! Gene doesn't let me forget it.
    Also: 1D, man- once they get in your ear, there's no going back! I even bought a few songs :/ We need a support group!

    1. Target is seriously on top of their game these days!! Also, yessss 1D is incredibly addicting and I may have to join a support group soon...aka a fan group haha ;)


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