6 Things You Should Be Buying At Trader Joe's

Happy Friday!
It has been a looooonnggg week. I spent all of yesterday convinced it was Friday...turns out it super wasn't. It took a lot for me not to burst into tears once I realized there was still one more day between me and 2 days of lounging around doing absolutely nothing. Sigh. Since it's Friday and most of us do our grocery shopping on the weekends, I thought it'd be fun to talk about the world's greatest store: Trader Joe's! Seriously, I could spend forever in there. Is it weird that Andrew and I consider going there a fun thing to do together? We're very classy, I know. We like to look for the hidden stuffed animal and try the samples, because we're actually five year-olds. Anyway, if you're heading to Trader Joe's any time soon, here is a list of my favorites that you should check out!

1. Blueberry & Pomegranate Green Tea

If you're a lazy tea drinker, like yours truly, this giant bottle of iced tea has got to be the most convenient thing that Trader Joe's has to offer. Making iced tea is pretty basic/easy, but really, aint nobody got time for that. Tea's at coffee shops range between $2-$5, aint nobody got the money for that, either. This bottle costs $1.99 and that gets you between 6-8 glasses of delicious iced tea. WIN for the cheap and lazy humans! TJ's offers both a basic green tea and a blueberry & pomegranate green tea (my favorite!).

2. 100% Pineapple Juice

I'm a huge fan of juicing, but let's face it...it's ridiculously time consuming. Cutting everything up, setting up your juicer, actually juicing everything, and then cleaning everything up. UGH. Mega first world problem. Though I don't actually let that keep me from juicing all that often, sometimes I just want something quick (and juicing is anything but that) SO this pineapple juice is my go-to. It's super convenient when you're rushing out the door, and it's got nothing in there but sweet, sweet pineapple! A pack of 4 costs $2.99.

3. Mini Heirloom Tomatoes 

Hi, have we met? Obviously I had to throw tomatoes into this list because they're my favorite!! I eat them with just about every meal, and I also enjoy snacking on these like they're grapes...which grosses Andrew out but whatever. This box of happiness is $2.99 and it usually lasts about a week to a week and a half. The tomatoes are always so juicy and fresh, and there's a ton you can do with them. In comparison to other stores, this is absolutely the best deal.

4. Reduced Guilt Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip

I never leave Trader Joe's without this dip! It's SO creamy and yummy, and it's only got 30 calories per serving because it's basically just spinach, kale & Greek yogurt (that title leaves nothing to the imagination). Andrew and I use this as dip for chips, we put it in tuna salad, on sandwiches, everything basically. We never buy mayo anymore because this little guy kind of just does everything for us! This tub is about $3.99 I believe, and it usually lasts us about a week and a half...seriously, we love it!

5. Brown Rice Tortillas

If your life is really unfortunate and you eat grain/gluten free, get these tortillas asap! A pack of 6 is $2.99 (cheap, in gluten free world) and they taste great! No weird dried up cardboard flavor and you can do a ton with these. Burritos, wraps, quesadillas, etc.

6. Sweet Potatoes

I'm going to be honest with you and tell you that I only recently started liking sweet potatoes. I still can't eat mashed sweet potatoes, something about that grosses me out...but whole sweet potatoes?? GIMMEEE!!!! I really enjoy making sweet potato chips or hash for breakfast. A bag at Trader Joe's usually has about 6 decently sized potatoes for $1.79, which is perfect since it's just Andrew and myself eating them and we don't need like 500 pounds of potatoes. 


1. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil//Vitamin-E Oil

Coconut oil is seriously having a moment right now. I like using it on my hair/body. It makes me smell like a cookie! I've mostly seen coconut oil for $8+ but Trader Joe's has it for about $6. Yes, those $2 matter to me. I also like their Vitamin E oil because it's rather cheap ($3.99 for a bottle) and it lasts forever. I use it on my face before bed and on my cuticles as well!

2. Garlic Chipotle Salsa//Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Blue corn tortiall chips are my favorite! This ginormous bag is $2.99 at Trader Joe's, whereas a bag this size of the Target brand is $4.99. Again, those little savings do matter to me. Also, these are significantly less salty than any other blue corn chips I've tried. Also, you can't get the chips without the salsa, duh.

3. Gluten Free Pastas

When I first found out about my tumor and was put on a gluten free diet, I tortured myself buying crappy pastas from Ralphs that cost $5 a bag. Trader Joe's has THE best pasta alternatives at the BEST price. That corn penne pasta is only $1.39 for that giant bag, and the organic brown rice fusilli is only $3. As someone that's tried and paid for many different gluten free pastas, I am telling you, go to Trader Joe's and get these!

I could actually sit here all day and tell you about the gazillion other things I love from Trader Joe's, but then you'd probably never want to speak to me again, so I'll just leave it at this...for now. Happy TJ's shopping, friends!

What are your Trader Joe's staples? 


  1. Yesss! I love TJ's coconut oil, but I really want to have that pineapple juice. Adorable packaging. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

    1. The packaging is totally what attracted me to the juices to begin with haha :)

  2. I love love love green tea!! I think there will be a Trader Joe's by our new place in SC, so I will definitely be frequenting it more often!

  3. TJ <3

    I need to go actually. Funny we're talking about groceries right now. Prior to my move, we always had two jars of TJ's coconut oil - one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom!! I love the gluten free pasta we had last night and will definitely get more. Besides that, I LOVE TJ salads, especially for lunch. When I worked at the car dealership, there was a TJ across the street so if I didn't bring left overs I would go grab one of those for the same price as fast food!


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