Weekly Wishes #25

It's almost 9pm as I write this, and I realize I'm way too late to this goal setting party that's usually on Monday mornings...OH WELL. I suppose there really are no rules right? Anyway, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and a fantastic Monday too! 

Friday morning I had breakfast with Raewyn at this cute little cafe in Fullerton. They serve your coffee in an Anthroplogie mug guys! FAVORITE! Also, Raewyn has quickly become my blogger bff turned real life bff and we've taken it upon ourselves to start a Friday Morning Breakfast Club. For the sake of blogging of course...we'll be trying out different breakfast spots and reporting back to you, in case you live in the area and are in need of some new breakfast places! We're so dedicated ;) I had a ham & cheese omelet, and Raewyn was nice enough to share her avocado with me since she knows how fond (read: obsessed) I am with them!

ALSO, Friday afternoon Andrew and I went to Whole Foods, and they were running this promotion where if you test drove a luxury car, or sat in the car as a passenger, you'd be gifted a $25 gift card to the store. Since we had time to kill, we figured it wouldn't hurt to test drive a new car we couldn't actually afford. I got to drive it, and I've officially decided that I'll need Andrew to become a millionaire so I can drive our kids around in nice luxury mom cars and only shop at Whole Foods, all while being totally fabulous of course. But really, it ran so smooth! We each got a gift card for participating, and we were on our way. That's right, $50 to Whole Foods, for no reason basically! Here's one of the lunches I was able to make with the groceries we bought...

Anyway, I did more than just eat this weekend. I also slept and watched a lot of Netflix. SO, it was a really wonderful few days!

I've been feeling a little weak these days. I had this mental image of how I'd be feeling being off my medicine, but it's really been nothing like that. I've had less pain, because I have nothing weighing me down, but I still have this constant pain regardless...probably because I am still sick, duh. I've been having a lot more down time than I would have liked, but I'm feeling really thankful and at peace regardless. Just be, you know?

On to goal setting and such...

Last Weeks Wishes/To-Do List:
1. Fill in the about me section on here. I did that! I just haven't figured out how to actually put things into the tabs they belong in. Have I mentioned I'm a really talented blogger?? Haha.
2. Make a blog button. I did this too! I just need to actually get it up here!
3. Get into a better skin care regimen. Yesss! My skin is looking all kinds of clear! I really like the new system I'm using!
4. Call our venue & caterers. No. We're eloping.
5. Go to Disneyland. YES!!!!!!!!
6. Finish season 3 of Pretty Little Liars. YES YES YES!!! I can't seem to find season 4 anywhere though. I know ABC Family has an app, but apparently my cable carrier is not a supporter of it so I can't watch. Does anyone else know where I can see season 4?? It's really important...

This Weeks Wishes/To-Do List:
1. You know, actually post my about me and my button...
2. Laundry. Didn't I just do that??
3. Clean my car out. It's been months since I've done a deep clean in there. Is that bad?
4. Get more sleep. I've fallen into this terrible habit of staying up way too late for no reason. 
5. Get things organized for a little BBQ Andrew and I are having on Saturday. Nothing major, but I like preparing little unexpected details for our guests. It makes me feel like Martha Stewart because my friends are seriously so easily impressed by everything haha. 
6. Start doing a bible study. I don't know why my readings are so sporadic, but it's something I'd like to make an every day thing.
7. Take a million pictures of anything and everything. I recently changed my SLR settings out of manual and I feel like a big kid! 

Cheers to a really great week! 


  1. Okay first things first, I am obsessed with your new breakfast tradition (plus anywhere that serves me my drink in an Anthropologie mug is alright by me)! Love the idea so much! Also, I'm TOTALLY crushing so hard on avocados! They're amazing. I'm really glad you're doing well and managed to totally kick ass last week on the goal front. As far watching PLL, have you tried sites like megashare.sh or projectfree.tv? They're both semi-sketchy, but it's the only way I manage to catch up on anything that isn't on Netflix! Best of luck on this week's goals! You're gonna do AWESOME! xoxo

    1. I'll have to check those sites! I saw that they're releasing the season 4 on DVD next week...so if I'm not feeling too cheap I might buy it. Chances are, I'll feel too cheap though haha

  2. YUM I need to find a weekly breakfast buddy! At least I always have you as a laundry buddy, haha! Do you read the blog Mr. Thomas and Me (www.mrthomasandme.com/)? Amber is really great and just started a weekly bible study group/ post thing that might be something you'll like too! She's definitely been helpful for me and is a super sweet person!

    1. I saw that she started that! I think I'll join in this week!

  3. Your food looks so delish! I love free stuff. So cool.
    Good luck with your goals. I need to have my car cleaned too.
    Hope you feel 100% soon.

  4. I mean you can elope in Arizona, no biggie. Also #6 yay. Also #5 because your picture of your food up there is so pretty I can't wait to see pictures from your BBQ! Can I come? I'm coming.

    1. Oh hey there Kailey Cambell + Hey Kai haha. Come over Saturday please and thanks.

  5. WAH! I wrote a long response and then it disappeared so I will sum it up: I'm so happy to have you as a blog bff turned real life bff and that you love me as much as I love you because DUH. Friday Morning Breakfast Club is my FAVORITE. I hope you're feeling stronger this week. Great job on all of the goals! I need to start doing this!!

  6. Way to go on growing up in SLR field! Hopefully you had gotten that sleeping habit around the way you want. Good luck!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! Hope you had a great weekend :)


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