Weekly Wishes #23: May Goals

Hey there, blogland! We meet again!
Things were a little quiet around here last week, check out this post for a little update if you wish! I'm feeling slightly better today, and I have really great news!! I'll be taken off ALL my medicine Thursday afternoon! Before we all start crying tears of glitter, it's actually only for 4 weeks, but boy am I freaking excited! I'll be wearing patches on my breast the entire time though, and I am the spitting image of a Victoria's Secret model when I wear them...not...but at this point, a few patches over a million pills a day is a wonderful and welcome change of pace. Woohoo!

After a crazy busy month, and a long week of feeling like I'd gotten hit by a bus, May couldn't get here any sooner. I'm so excited to get back into blogging this week because I have a ton of ideas! Let's set some goals first, shall we?

April Goals:
1. Give my blog a facelift. It's happening, it really is happening haha.
2. Take a wedding workshop and a cake decorating class. I was signed up for both and had to miss them because of work. Sigh.
3. Finish my blogger Skillshare class and start the calligraphy course. Um, no.
4. Sponsor more blogs. Negative.
5. Finish all my April guest posts. This I did do!! Check out my guest posts here, here, and here!
6. Book our venue, plan our engagement party for May, and take our engagement photos. No. We're eloping instead.
7. Drink. More. Water. Yes!
8. Blog more recipes. Nooooo.

I'm the worst blogger/goal setter. I think I need to leave a spot in my weekly goals to check up on my monthly goals, because really I kind of just forget about them!

May Goals:
1. Give my blog a facelift, it's actually finally happening guys! 
2. Book our venue, photographer, and caterer. We have had serious issues with every place we've looked at. Two different places told us a certain price, and when we went to sign a contract they told us completely different prices (read: over the top expensive all of a sudden, for no reason). We aren't Jay Z and Beyonce over here people. Tell us a price and have that be that because we super aren't going to give you a few extra thousand doll hairs just cause you say so. We also had a photographer, but after I told her I needed a written contract, she went MIA. I emailed her for 3 weeks straight asking her if she would still be working with us and I never got a response. Good luck trying to grow your business, slacker. Sorry, so much negativity coming out of me, this is why I want to elope.
3. Take our engagement photos at DISNEYLAND! Where else?? :) 
4. Plan our engagement party. We're having it at the end of June but I have a lot of crafting ideas and I can't wait till June to start them! 
5. Spend an entire week with Andrew celebrating our engagement. This should be at the top of my list, really. I've been really caught up with all this wedding stuff, and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I've very seriously considered nixing the idea of a bigger wedding, but I know that's not what Andrew and I really want. I want to spend a few days not thinking about our wedding, and just enjoy this time in our lives. I mean, we'll never be engaged again. Our first week or so of being engaged was like a fairy tale. Hugs and smiles from everyone, so much excitement everywhere, I miss that. Realistically I know I won't get to experience that part again, but I do want to slow down and just be in the moment. We're planning on perhaps going on a little getaway and I am so excited! 
6. Celebrate my medicine free month, and be thankful for it every day. 
It's going to be a really wonderful month!
Thanks for stopping by, have a fantastic day! 


  1. I love how you're celebrating your engagement! So many people I know are like "We got engaged, now let's plan the wedding." I think taking time just to celebrate the engagement itself is lovely =)

    And congrats on being medicine free for a month <3 I think this is the second time I've stopped by your blog thanks to the link-up....I might as well start following you!

    1. Thanks so much! And thanks for following along :)

  2. Woohoo! No meds for at least a little bit! You are beautiful no matter what, patches and all. Good luck with all the wedding planning, that sounds frustrating!

    1. Thank you Destiny! I appreciate you always being so supportive of me!

  3. So happy to hear you're of the meds for a month! I can understand it mustn't be easy, but despite everything you always stay your happy and sweet self and I admire that in you! And really enjoy the engagement, it's such a wonderful time, you'll be married longer than engaged, so why not enjoy it a bit longer! And good luck on finding a venue, caterer and wedding photographer!

  4. YEA For no meds or less meds! I am also wedding planning it's insanity! I hope things start working out and you guys can figure out what you want to do.

    1. Thank you Angela! Hope you're having a great week so far!

  5. J,

    Good luck on your goals this month! I am so so happy that you'll be switching up your medication routine! Hooray for that! No one likes feeling sluggish and blah. Also, that is RIDICULOUS that venues will upcharge like that and that your photographer just went MIA. How rude. Seriously, if they don't want to/can't work with you, at least send a reasonable, well thought out reply explaining! You couldn't have said it better when you said "good luck growing your business!"


    1. A,
      I appreciate you being one of the greatest blogger and real life friends evaaa

  6. Don't get discouraged about the venue, etc! Remember, I booked mine 6 months before our wedding!! Can't wait to hear all about your frustrations (vent to me!) tomorrow!

    Also, my friend Alfredo is a wedding photographer. I don't know his prices but he got into wedding photography after we booked our girl, so I can give you our info! Also, have you tried the Mission Viejo Community Center? Prices are good and it's gorgeous! They were just booked for the date we wanted.

    p.s. can't wait to celebrate all of this goodness with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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