Chilling & Grilling

Happy Friday Eve!
I'm pretty sure California has decided to skip Spring all together and jump straight into Summer. It's been HOT. Andrew and I took advantage of the wonderfulness that is Summer evenings by grilling in our backyard yesterday. It was so relaxing hanging out with the dogs, chit chatting and eating delicious food! It made me 100 times more anxious for Summer to get here! Andrew decided my blog needs this new series called "Chilling & Grilling" where I post pictures of our grilling adventures, since he's now convinced we have to dine alfresco once a week. I don't know that I'll make it a weekly thing, but I'm definitely looking forward to more doggy backyard fun. Turns out, blogging outdoors is also my new favorite thing!

We decided to grill some fruit, just to experiment. I brushed the pieces lightly with honey and topped them with a pinch of sea salt. We used peaches, apricots, and pineapple. The peaches were my favorite, but the apricots were maybe the worst thing I have ever eaten. They turned out to be really sour and acidic. Bleh. Other than that, our dinner was awesome!

Kitty cat! My big horse head! He's our family dog, and Duke's BFF!

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  1. Grilled pineapple is the best thing that has ever existed. We used to go to a Brazilian restaurant in Japan, one of those that brings the huge slab of meat to your table and cuts some off for you, and they always brought grilled pineapple out for desert. They put a little cinnamon on it. So good!

    1. I LOVE grilled pineapple! That restaurant in Japan sounds so good! There's a Brazilian all you can eat place near us and the dessert is actually pineapple ice cream!

  2. Grilling is great! I have heard about how hot it has been there lately. Stay cool!

    1. It finally cooled down this weekend! It's supposed to be hot again next week though, eek!!!


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