Weekly Wishes #22

Hey there! Happy Monday!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was spent doing a ton of things for work. Eeeekkkk, so busy with that these days. And by days, I really mean I've been swamped with work all month and I am ready for a long nap. I also had a late night ice cream date with Andrew, watched Frozen on repeat all weekend, and played with the cutest kids in the world, aka my nieces and nephew, so overall it was a great few days!

Last Weeks Wishes:
1. Be a better blogger. Read last weeks posts here, here, here, and here!
2. Go on a hike. Andrew and I went on this hike that had a LONG staircase all the way up. According to the Google machine, it's got 282 steps. According to my sore legs, it's got twice that much.
3. Finish my skillshare class. Ehhmmmm, I didn't even log in to Skillshare.
4. Laundry. Um, no.
5. Juice more. Success! 

This Weeks Wishes/To-Do List:
1. Laundry. I seriously cannot stand doing laundry. 
2. Find a new wedding photographer. So we had one already, but then she went MIA. Like literally, I might have to report her as a missing person soon. A little flustered because we were so excited about the price, but she flaked and hasn't emailed me back in over 3 weeks so I'm going to assume she doesn't want my business. Does anyone in the Orange County area have any suggestions by the way?? 
3. Wash my car. It's looking all kinds of terrible these days.
4. Give Duke a bath. He's looking all kinds of terrible these days. Just kidding, Duke could never look terrible! But he really does need a bath this week.
5. Relax. I've got a significantly lighter work week this week, not by choice, but because after 8pm today I'm starting a new medication that's supposed to knock me down for a few days. I haven't taken one of these in a long, long time and I'm in tears thinking about having to start again. Sigh.
6. Go to the beach. It's one of my favorite places to go to when I'm feeling sick for some reason.

Cheers to a relaxing week everyone!
Have a fantastic Monday!

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  1. I've got a Skillshare class I've been neglecting as well. Need to get back to that. I do hope that your new cycle of meds doesn't completely ruin your week. I know how tough that can be. I think taking in some beach time is a fabulous idea. I'll be thinking of you!

    1. It's Wednesday and I STILL haven't logged into skillshare! Woops! :D thanks for your sweet words, hope you're having a great week so far!!

  2. Oh laundry! Yes me and my husband both hate doing it ... it doesn't help that we live in an apartment at the moment that doesn't have one so we have to go to a laundromat ... totally feel your pain! I am so jealous you can go the beach and soak up sun! I live up here in Western Washington and the sun is not being very nice to us. Hope your meds don't ruin your week as well and good luck with find a new photographer. :)

    1. Ah, I used to live in an apartment building in college that had the laundry room 3 floors below my apartment and I seriously NEVER EVER did laundry because of that!

  3. that sucks about your photographer! I hope you find someone wonderful! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Angela! Things are already looking up for us in the photographer department! Hope you're having a great week so far!


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