Weekly Wishes #19

Hey! Happy Monday!
I barely blogged last week, so I really feel like chatting away on here today. If you're here just to read my goals for the week, I'll list those first and then you can click out if you wish (but really you should want to hear me chat nonstop, it's really lovely...).

Last week I shared my April goals (I'm seriously still in shock that it's APRIL!) you can check those out here!

This Weeks Wishes/To-Do List:
1. Craft up a storm. My aunt and uncle are getting married this weekend, and I'm making them glittery champagne cups, similar to these ones I made not too long ago. The first time I made them I finished in about 45 minutes, but I only made 10 or so. This time I'm making 100. Of course I waited till the week of to start making them. If you see a trail full of glitter around Orange County, it's me, crying for help.
2. Go on a few hikes. I had a super crazy week at work last week and I didn't have time to do much besides work stuff. The weather has been so wonderful though, and since this week is a lighter week for me, I'm determined to go out and enjoy nature!
3. Be more organized with my work stuff. I don't talk about my job on here too often because I work with kids and a lot of things are confidential, so I'll describe this as best as I can without getting into too many details. We fill out these forms every week that show our kids' progress and a few other things, and I'm kind of just the worst at having those organized. Pretty sure the person in the office that deals with my forms just hates me. I sometimes always turn them in at least an hour past their due time, and every few weeks I get a call that I'm missing at least one form. I swear I don't do it on purpose. I just see way too many kids in one week and sometimes things get crazy. I also swear I'm not a bad employee. Just a bad form filler-outer. 
4. Drink more juices. I was really into juicing for a while, and once I stopped my skin started breaking out a lot more and I looked a little, dull, if you will. Juicing just gives you a nice glow, and I'm suddenly very aware that I need that with so many festivities coming up! 
5. BLOG. I missed it too much, and I have a ton of ideas! 

Also, it wouldn't be a Monday if I didn't tell you what I did this weekend...

Saturday morning I had a FaceTime date with Ashlee from Dearie Lovie, which was WAY too fun! I love girl talk! Later that day I met up with Raewyn from Be a Warrior Queen for some MORE girl chat aka wedding venting and blog planning! She's hilarious and totally just gets me. She's getting married in less than 2 weeks and I'm so excited for her!! It still blows my mind that I met both of these awesome friends on the INTERNET. Just, so so crazy!

Saturday evening I joined the women of my family to celebrate my aunt, who's getting married this weekend (she and my uncle are already legally married, but they'll be getting married through the church on Saturday). Anyway, we went to a really overpriced restaurant with just okay food but really great entertainment, and everyone in the room got a slice of cake with a candle on it to celebrate whatever you wanted to celebrate, so that was great! I like just because celebratory cake!

Sunday morning was spent snugging Duke-of course! Also, he always wakes up with the craziest eye boogies, and he's always got blanket fuzzies on him because he basically owns my bed and he rolls around everywhere throughout the night. Andy and I had thai food for lunch, which is basically my favorite! I'm a creature of habit, and rarely try new things (read: never), so I always get the shrimp pad thai. After lunch we headed next door to this little place called Community, where they have a lot of neat little shops and an art studio. They also have a crafting studio, and I just about fainted from excitement when I saw it! I immediately looked up their class schedule and now I have like 5 classes I want to take!! Ah! I can't believe I've never been there, it's seriously about 5 minutes from my house! The treasures you miss when you're always in a rush! The rest of my day was spent being a bum, which in my opinion is the best way to spend a Sunday.

So there you go, my entire weekend. I promise I did more than just eat...

Anyway. Even though I didn't blog all week, I DID blog stalk a few of you. Here are a few of my favorite reads from last week:

-It's Kai's 21st birthday today! Hooray!! Loved her cute vlog last week. She's a brave soul, I freak out when I'm being recorded! 
-Loved this post from The Nectar Collective aka my girl Melyssa. She's too wise! After a few days of going nuts with humanity, her post on the importance of everyone's something was much appreciated. 
-Chantel's toilet paper roll minions=CUTEST THING EVER!!
-I'm going to make a crazy confession that might get me exiled from the blog world: I don't care to travel. It's true. I hate surprises and I just don't adjust quickly to new situations, so traveling to me is just bleh. Not into it. It's fine, you can judge me alllll you want. Though I don't care to travel, I LOVE following along on all of Esther's adventures! Her post on cherry blossoms in Japan, so beautiful! Also, I've had a serious itch to get myself to Vegas (even though I just said I don't like traveling. The irony!) and now I really want to go to the Pinball Hall of Fame!

Oh, not only did I take a blogging break, I also took a social media break as well. I failed the 100 Happy Days Challenge, but I'm going to keep doing it because I can and because it's fun. #imaketherules. Speaking of social media, according to Instagram, Andy and I haven't been to Disneyland in 5 weeks. FIVE. Might as well be a year. One final thought before I go, wedding nightmares are a real thing. I keep having this recurring dream, er-nightmare, that our wedding photographer won't let me be in any of the photos and that I keep running away and somehow end up at Dave and Busters in my wedding dress, totally panicked because I think I'm at Chuck E Cheese's. I've had this nightmare about 6 times now. WHY?!?

Alright, that's all. Have the most fantastic day everyone!


  1. I agree on your last weekly wish! I have just come back from a break on blogging, my uni assignments have taken over my life! So I really need to blog more! Good luck with your wishes, I wish I could help you with your glitter cups they sound so fun to make!
    Becky - www.beckybrown91.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Good luck to you too with all your assignments! xoxo

  2. You're totally cute when you're talking away, so go ahead, you always sound so happy through your words, so it's a pleasure to read them! And how great you can actually meet up with people you met online and that really get you in real life!

    And I keep saying it, but your food photo's always leave me hungry! The food looks amazing!

    Good luck this week!

    1. Hehe thanks Cindy! One day we will have a photo worthy meal together! :)

  3. Sounds like a good weekend and I always enjoy when people link up their favorite blog reads of the week :) I'm chocked to hear that there's people who don't enjoy traveling. But of course I don't judge you! We're all different and that's the charm of things :) Have a great week!

    1. Haha, most people look at me like I'm totally nuts when I say I don't like to travel, which is why I rarely share that! :D

  4. What are some of your favorite juices? I've tried before and they always seem to taste a little off when I mix things so I've been trying to narrow down a few good recipes. And if you somehow end up at Dave and Busters, just think of how many free tickets you could get by telling people it was your wedding day! I'm sure it'll all work out beautifully! I'm so excited for you!

    1. I'm actually posting my favorite juices sometime next week!! Haha, hopefully if for whatever reason I DO end up at D&B on my wedding night, they'll give me more than free tickets (ie free drinks please!)

  5. Loved reading the recap (a day late...whoops) of your weekend! It sounds like the best kind of busy. I love weekends like that and I LOVED getting to chat with you Saturday morning! So so much fun! Keep going girl, you're doing so many amazing things blog-wise and in your personal life! Also, thanks for that email you sent me the other day with the link-ups. It came at just the right time! You're a gem!


    1. Thank you! And you're totally welcome, more FaceTime dates asap!

  6. You're so adorable. Referring mostly to your dream about not being allowed in your wedding photos, but really just everything, haha! I hate reading your blog. You know why?! Because I love it and you so much and we are NOT hanging out IRL because we are too far away! It's absurd! Lilo wants to meet Duke! UGHHHHH.
    Anyway. Good luck this week! :))))))

  7. I MISSED YOU IN BLOGLAND SO MUCH! &I realize I'm late but, it's okay. Thank you for loving all up on my vlog - it was scary hahaha! Also I've been wanting to try Thai food for so loooong! &Also also - in regards to finding things you never saw because you were in a rush - yesterday we had to go to this little corner plaza with a bunch of random stuff and I saw a little authentic mexican restaurant (let's be real, those are on every corner here ahaha) and i got SO EXCITED cause I had never seen it before. Looks like we need to slooow it down more often!

  8. Taking blog breaks is important every now and then to help us reconnect with everything else around us. Anyhow, hope you stop having wedding nightmares. Have fun hiking, juicing, and with all your other wishes. PS your pictures make me hungry.

  9. I just realized my face is here. I've been way too busy to read blogs, but I'm catching up. Can you believe we've hung out TWICE since this post? (It would have been 3 if I didn't have to clean the house tonight). And you TOTALLY GET ME. <3 <3


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