Tips for Attending a Bridal Expo

Happy Wednesday! I feel like I haven't done any wedding posts in a while...which is funny because my brain has been seriously consumed with wedding thoughts. A few weeks ago I went to a bridal expo with my maid of honor and my mom, and though it felt like a giant wedding on steroids, it was really fun! If you're a bride to be, I highly suggest attending an expo, at least for the experience of being a bride at an expo. They seriously treat you like royalty, and who doesn't love that, am I right?!? If you've never been to a bridal expo and are considering it, I have a few tips to share with you today!

1. Create a wedding email
I'm STILL kicking myself for not doing this sooner. You're going to encounter at least 100 vendors depending on the size of the expo you attend. The one I attended offered these cool little stickers with all your information if you registered ahead of time, so I didn't really deal with writing down my information every time I chatted with someone at a booth that interested me. The annoying part was after the expo, when I realized I gave one too many vendors my personal email. It's now nonstop and I want to punch something every time I get an email about a photo booth or dj deal. I cannot stress this enough, make an email dedicated ONLY to wedding things!

2. Bring backup
Like I mentioned, I brought my mom and MOH. It was really fun walking around with them and hearing their thoughts on some of the things I've been thinking about in regards to the wedding that I hadn't actually shared with anyone yet. Having them with me was also great because they pointed things out that I otherwise would have missed. There are also a ton of photo booth vendors trying to get you to book them so you get to play around in them and that's always way more fun with other people!

3. Bring your camera & notepad
You know all those images you've obsessively pinned on your Pinterest board since you started dating your significant other, er...I mean, since you got engaged? Many of those things are actually THERE, like, IN REAL LIFE. It's one thing to see them on a screen, but totally different to see things up close and in person. Snap a few pictures of whatever you like. I was a little shy about it at first, but quickly got over it when I saw so many cool ideas that I wanted to be reminded of later. Also, bring a notepad! You're going to be meeting a TON of people, many of who are offering the same or similar service or product. Write down the name and number of who you actually want to contact in the future, along with a quick note describing what they do. Vendors will give you a ton of crap, literally. A TON of random papers flew into my bag and I don't remember talking to half of them.

4. Don't feel like you have to buy anything
I have a hard time saying no, so I made the mistake of letting a few vendors talk my ear off...even though I wasn't interested at all in what they were selling or saying. Example: this booth was selling these weird (read: COOL!) bobble head cake toppers. I knew that wasn't something I'd actually be interested in, but I let the lady tell me about it for a solid 10 minutes, even though I knew right off the bat that each topper was $130 (um, WHAT?!?) and that I wasn't actually going to purchase anything. Just say no thanks and move on. There's a lot to see and do and you don't want to miss out!

5. Drink all the champagne!
There were samples galore at this expo. Don't be shy, "sample" that champagne like you've never had any in your life before! While you're at it, have a few bites of the cakes and cupcakes floating around.

6. Don't be blinded by all the glitz and glam
There were a lot of small wedding details throughout the expo that I suddenly became obsessed with, such as lighting. You know, like the really pretty soft lights that make the room cozy or whatever? Yeah, I left the event in desperate need of lighting for our wedding and somehow I thought that $1k for a lighting package wasn't that bad. Except I don't even plan on spending $1k on my dress, so there's no way I'm spending that on lighting. Just because it looks cool, doesn't mean you need it. The wedding industry is kind of weird. Stick to your guns, remember what the day is actually about, and don't get too caught up in all the stuff you see. It's just stuff.

In case you're wondering, I got an invite to go to this expo for free, which is the only reason I actually decided to attend. I think the cost to get in is about $15 or so? If you're engaged and you made it FBO (Facebook Official, duh.) chances are you'll start getting spam to attend an event like this. I also got a neat little bag and a pretty useful wedding planner, so if anything, go get the free champagne and wedding planner ;) really though, it's a fun experience, you won't regret it!


  1. We attended one and I modeled a wedding dress at another. Your right they offer tons of good in real life ideas but it can be overwhelming. my mom was really interested in the plush flush toilets had we done an outdoor wedding we would have probably rented them!

    1. How cool that you got to try on a dress! I was really hoping I'd get to do that for this one, but I was only able to try on a few veils. Still exciting nonetheless!

  2. I totally didn't make a wedding email and now I 100% get why people do it! Oops!!


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