Wedding Wednesday: A Letter to my Fiancé

Dear Andrew...

I thought I'd take the time today to tell you and all of blogland just how freakishly wonderful you truly are. First off, cheers to you for not being remotely freaked out by my wedding planning stress and meltdowns. I'm not sure where in the world all your patience comes from, but I'm glad you have it.

I know I'm kind of a closed book when it comes to me being sick, and I'm sorry for not sharing things in detail with you when it comes to that particular topic. I've felt a lot of guilt that I got sick a few months into our relationship. You didn't have to stand by me, you could have bailed at any moment, especially since we had just met. I will never be able to repay you for the love and tenderness you showed towards me those first few months while I adjusted to my new life as a cancer patient. You've comforted me during some of the lowest points of my life. You've reminded me to stay strong in my faith during moments when I've felt my life could be gone at any moment. You've watched me wake up sick more often than not, and seen me look beyond disgusting after my medicine started getting the worst of me, and yet you've never failed to remind me how much you love me and how beautiful I am. In you I've found the strength I often feel I'm missing, and I am so lucky to have you through all of this. You've already loved me to the fullest in both sickness and in health, and I know you will always protect me no matter what.

Your humor and wittiness drives me nuts sometimes. You know how to push my buttons, and often I want to yank your head off when you're pushing said buttons. I hate when I'm trying to be grumpy and you make me laugh, which happens way too often. It's got to be the worst defeat. Every day I'm thankful that my biggest issue with you is the fact that you don't let me be angry to my fullest potential. You are one sweet and funny talker.

Thank you for understanding that the only flavor worth having of anything is vanilla. Thank you for watching The Wedding Date with me 100 million times. I'm glad my apparent wedding obsession didn't scare you when we first started dating. While we're at it, thank you for always watching Four Weddings and Say Yes to the Dress with me, and better yet, for always having opinions about the weddings and dresses on those shows. Thanks for understanding that the only CD worth listening to on car rides is Taylor Swift's Red, and thank you for knowing all the lyrics to all my favorite songs and singing along with me. Thanks for knowing what I'm thinking, before I've even thought of it. You're the best mind reader.

Thank you for being my biggest fan, in anything and everything that I do. This blog would not exist if it weren't for your constant support and willingness to take one too many selfies, your serenity when I make multiple trips to Micheal's in one day, and your understanding of the importance of taking pictures of our meals at different angles.

Thank you for making me feel cherished every single day of my life. I still cannot believe how lucky I am to have met someone as caring, supportive, and genuine as you. I'm so excited to become your wife and begin a new adventure together. I promise to love you my whole life, with my whole heart. I'll always stand by you, support you, and be your biggest cheerleader in life. Love you the most, Andy bear.

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  1. Wow this is so sweet! I'm a new reader and not sure where I found your blog but I love it :)

  2. What a beautiful letter, I hope you share it with him! Andrew seems like a fantastic and supportive guy! Stopping over from Wedding Wednesday!

    Meg @

    1. Thanks Meg! He's truly a great guy! I actually showed him the post before it went live and he got really sensitive about it :)

  3. J, this was so amazingly beautiful. Andrew sounds so amazing in every sense of the word and the fact that you guys have a real, supportive relationship is wonderful thing. I love that he understand the importance of taking pictures of your meals at different angles (totally an important quality) and that you've found someone who is your equal! Gah, let me go blot my sappy tears now. Haha.


    1. A, you're so cute! Thanks for your support :)

      Little J

  4. Oh my word this is the sweetest thing. You guys are just the cutest and I am so so happy for you!


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