Flamingos & Crashing the Party

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Happy Tuesday!
So I'm about to have a bit of a word vomit fiesta, you've been warned...

I'm going through a serious flamingo obsession. They're so darn CUTE! I've always loved them, and have always been truly envious of their long, lean legs and fabulous pink color...but my love for them is currently on steroids.

Flamingo party we saw during our last San Diego trip!
Cute sleeping flamingo + Andy and I at the Santa Barbara Zoo, aka the BEST zoo ever!
Anyway, now that you've seen the cuteness of these little babies (the flamingos, not us, in case there was any confusion)...I was on the Victoria's Secret website the other night, you know, just admiring all the expensive bras I can't wear for now and quietly throwing myself a sob party, when I came across this towel. Um, there's a giant flamingo on it...and it's wearing SUNGLASSES!!! It HAD to be mine! Except towels at Victoria's Secret are about 5x's more expensive than the average towel. I wasn't about to pay $25 for a freaking towel, so I decided to forget about it. Fast forward to this weekend, I remembered I had a ton of those secret rewards cards. My uncle gave them to me after spending way too much money there on perfumes and lotions for his wife and daughters while he was here on his last trip. I figured they'd all have about $10...so I show up at Victoria's Secret and I ask if they can check the value of each card (I had 6). Guys, one of them had $500. FIVE HUNDRED. No joke. It was THE craziest thing!!

I'm not very good at spending large amounts of money. It freaks me out. So I purchased some leggings and some panties and I drove home to share the wealth with my momma! We ordered some shoes, a few random things...AND MY TOWEL. YESSSSS! It's on it's way and I am SO excited!! Also, I still have a ton of money left on the card. I can't buy bras since I have to wear a medical bra for another 5-6 months and my breast size will drastically change once I'm done with all my treatment, so I'm trying to figure out what else I should get. I'm kind of the worst decision maker ever.

Also, I just shared this story because I wanted to tell you that I got a towel with a flamingo on it and because free money makes me excited! It really wasn't the point to this post...

On with the show...

I am a huge fan of Melyssa's Creative Collective project as it's really reminded me to carve some time out of my daily life to just be and craft my little heart out for the sake of crafting. I was SO stoked about this particular project, because I had been wanting to decorate a little pot for a while. Since I'm on a flamingo high, I decided I should incorporate a long legged friend somehow. So I got this wacky idea that I should find a mini flamingo to stick into my plant pot. When I get wacky ideas, they must be fulfilled...otherwise I go bananas. So sweet Andy, bless his patient soul, drove to 4 different stores with me till I hit the flamingo jackpot. It turned out to be such a fun day of giggles and happiness between the two of us. I've been working nonstop, and I just happened to have my work day shortened Monday morning and we were able to just enjoy each others company. Andy lovingly understood my need for a plastic flamingo, a pot, and hot pink paint. Andy always understands, and I am so thankful for that. We had Korean BBQ for lunch, laughed at weird random stuff we found at all the stores we went to, and sat and had a fun afternoon of TV watching and painting.

K, so this post isn't about our lunch either, this post is about my Creative Collective project!

So we sit down to paint, and I'm totally pleased with myself and my hot pink sparkly flamingo pot, and then I realize I read the dates wrong and this link up already passed. SIGH. I'm too late for the party, but I'll join it anyway! I started off with a plain pot that I got at Micheal's for $1, I painted it hot pink, added white polka dots and lined the rim with glitter. Like the forgetful blogger that I am, I didn't photograph the process. Woops! I filled the inside with a little cactus, as those are the hardest to kill, and a mini little flamingo!

In case you're in desperate need of flamingo gear, I found this little guy at the dollar store. We checked 2 different ones, and the second one we went to had an entire aisle of flamingo stuff! I couldn't help myself and I got a flamingo wine glass, a pack of flamingo straws, and a flamingo garland. Just casual stuff, you know.

Other flamingo crap I want need:
-Oh hey there cute dress
-This swimsuit would be useful for going swimming at the zoo and looking like I belong in the flamingo pond
-I really need this top. SO much love!
-Gah! Such cute socks!

So there you go, I'm a weird flamingo lady.
Have a flamingo-tastic Tuesday!

Awkwardly linking up really late with: Melyssa for Creative Collective


  1. Holy cow that gift card is like a dream come true. How exciting!! And your plant pot turned out so cute. Yay for ALL the flamingo adorable things!

  2. sheesh! That gift card would last for like a year around here! Love your pot and the flamings are cute, but no as cute as you!

    1. Haha I KNOW, I thought I could save it but it turns out it expires at the end of this week, so I guess I'll HAVE to go shopping later today ;)

  3. OMG! Yay on the gift card! I actually won a $500 one a year ago. I had ordered my yearly supply of underwear and bras and got one of those. I went to check it online and about died! It took me forever to figure out what to order since I didn't need undies anymore! I got a ton of new clothes online though. I bought stuff online and was able to return things after the gift card expired. They just gave me store credit.

    1. That's a good idea! Mine expires this week so I might have to make a few impulse purchases and return stuff if I have to!

  4. That gift card is insane! I would have had no idea where to start either, so good call getting your mum in on the action. And I can't even with your cactus - too cute!

  5. Wowza, I never believed any of those cards actually had $500 on them! Maybe I should take mine in and see what I got.

    1. Totally go! The girl said I was the 3rd one in that store that had won a $500 one!

  6. OMG $500 WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 and flamingoes are great just kinda smelly ;)

    1. Haha they do kind of smell in person! But in pictures I always imagine them smelling like roses ;)

  7. OH EM GEE! I can't believe you got $500!!! Have you tried their yoga pants? They're my favorite ever! When I worked in Pink! I started buying a ton of their clothes because I could wear them to work.

    1. I got so many yoga pants!! I mostly purchased Pink stuff! My favorite!!!


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