DIY Anthropologie Inspired Garland

Hello, and welcome back!
Today I'm sharing the most inexpensive and simple DIY you could possibly imagine. This DIY was inspired by this tassel garland on the Anthro website. I've seen many versions of these garlands floating around on Pinterest and Etsy for quite some time now, but I've never ordered one because I just couldn't justify the price. SO, I headed to the dollar store and I purchased everything I needed to make my own garland for under $3. YUP. THREE. 

To make your own you'll need...
-Tissue Paper (I found a pack of 25 pastel colors for $1)
-Any colored twine (I used white so it would blend into my wall) 

Start by folding a piece of tissue paper in half

Fold that half, in half

Then fold THAT half in half 

Fold the remaining piece in half, hamburger style if you will.

Cut your paper into strips, leaving about 4 inches of the top uncut

To hang the tissue on the twine, simply pinch the middle...

...Drape over the twine, and twist. You don't need anything to hold the twist since the paper just naturally does that on its own

Repeat these steps with different colors until your twine is full.  



  1. YOU HAVE THE CUTEST BEDROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous! I'm making some!

    1. Thank you! I must confess that only this corner was clean though haha.

  2. I'm obsessed with this! OMG. I bought two packs of tissue paper on sale back in January for the purpose of making garland! You've inspired me to get it in gear. Your end result looks amaze!


    1. Girl, DO IT! It's so easy and I love the end result-I'm sure you will too!

      Little J

  3. Oh my goodness I love this!! I need to make one of these like TODAY! It looks so pretty!


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