A Happy Morning

Happy Friday!!
It's almost 11am and I'm ready for...bed!
Andy and I woke up at 3:30 am this morning to drive to a pin release event in Hollywood. What's a pin release event you ask?? Well, hold on...I'm about to blow your mind with all this awesomeness...

Andy and I are REALLY into trading Disney pins. The rarest are the bestest, and we thrive on making those perfect trades when we go to Disneyland. Our dream when we retire is to spend all our days strolling through Disneyland eating ice cream, holding hands, and pin trading. We've been practicing for the future, basically since we met! I primarily collect Ursula pins. My collection is a tad small, I have about 20, but I've traded for all of them so collecting has taken me a while. Andy has been collecting The Muppets for about a year and a half and he has about 50-60 now. We also collect the Disney alphabet, Rapunzle, and most villains (in case you were wondering). ANYWAY, Disney's Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop in Hollywood releases rare pins every month, and this month they released limited edition Muppets pins. Obviously Andy and I HAD to go. Now, you can't just show up and buy a rare pin. That would be crazy. You've got to work for these pins. We waited outside on Hollywood Blvd for about an hour, with 200+ other people, trying to get the same pins we wanted. When we got there, we got a wristband and had to enter a lottery to determine if and when we could buy a pin. The more people you take, the better, since every individual gets to pick a number. Unfortunately it was just the 2 of us, while some parties brought 5-6 people each. I guess our friends just don't care enough about our pin collecting hobby. The nerve. Lucky for us, Andy got the number 14, out of 300! I got 26, but obviously we stuck with Andy's number. We bought our pins basically right away, and booked it out of there asap! Our pins came with discounted tickets to watch The Muppets Most Wanted at the El Capitan Theatre. We're going tomorrow night, and Kermit and Miss Piggy sing live on stage before each showing. Talk about exciting!!!!

Pin collectors become famous this morning...

We wanted to try a waffle place in Hollywood for breakfast, but since we got our pins sooner than we expected, we had some down time before they opened. We drove to the Griffith Observatory to watch the sunrise, except the sun decided to sleep in, so we sat around, chatting and laughing, enjoying the (foggy) view till waffle time!

Finally 7am rolled around and The Waffle opened! Totally worth the wait!

We're home now, and the rest of our day looks like this...

So there you have it, proof that Andy and I are just as cool as you've always imagined ;)  
Have a happy weekend, blogland!!



  1. You guys are my favorite. That is all. I told Leo we have to take Apollo to California. He says in a few months when he is done being crazy.

    We're gonna meet this year. I'm just saying.

    1. All 6 of us WILL meet and we'll have puppy play time and beach time and DISNEY time!! No doubt about it.

  2. haha you guys are too cute!! how did you like the movie? :) we were wanting to watch that this wkd..

    1. We're actually watching it tomorrow! The previews make it look promising though!!

  3. What a special day! I want to live at disney when I am old too. I am sad that my pass expired.

  4. I love you guys, you're so adorable! Hopefully there's more guys out there with a love for Disney, because I really need someone who is cool with my love for Winnie the Pooh! ;)

    1. LOVE Winnie the Pooh!! You hang in there for the perfect Disney loving man ;)

  5. Wow, you've mentioned pins before but I had no idea they were such a big deal! This post is so fun, haha. I just wanna hang out with you two! I'd get in line for pins with you! :)


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