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Happy Friday to all of Blogland!
Today I have Ashlee from Oh, Dearie Lovie taking over my little piece of the interwebs! She's the sweetest girl, so enjoy her awesome day and make sure you go check out her fun blog!

PS we basically had a Freaky Friday situation happen to us so I'm over on her blog, sharing a day in my life! Come say hello if you miss me so!

Hey there, Jess Loves This Life reader's! My name is Ashlee and I blog over at Oh, Dearie Lovie! Today I'm going to be taking you through a semi-typical day in my life. I'm a college student from the South, sorority girl, and am in love with all things artistic. I'm double majoring in graphic design and art history and minoring in marketing (I know, I know...good luck finding a job with that degree, right?). I also am a College Ambassador at the coolest museum, Crystal Bridges. I love to blog, am in a relationship with my Netflix account, and am socially questionable at best if you'd ever meet me in person (just kidding...maybe). Everyday for me is a little bit different. On Mondays I have sorority chapter, Wednesdays are taken up by my ambassadorship, and Fridays are half days. However, everyday is amazing. 

Here's a little bit what Thursday, March 13th looked like for me. 

8:00am // Wake Up & Greet The Day
On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I don't have class until 11. So usually, I take my sweet time having breakfast and getting ready at an absurdly leisurely rate. However, on Tuesday and Thursday, my first class starts prompt at 9:30am. Cue the arrival of the struggle bus. The first thing I do is hit my snooze alarm approximately 3x, get up, wander into the kitchen and make myself a plate of whatever the cooks have prepared (oh, the benefits of living in a sorority house) and then put on my makeup. I know from the photo above it looks like I have a TON of makeup, and I'll admit it, I do. However, I swear I don't use half of it on a daily basis. Today, I tried applying eyeliner like Maskcara, because perfect everyday liner is hard. Right? Right.

9:00am // Get Ready
Okay, so maybe I don't arrange my outfit before hand like this on the floor (but that can be our little secret right?). Everything looks so much more organized and put together this way, don't you think? No, just me? I blame all the boutiques I follow on instagram who arrange clothes like this. Today, I opted for something super simple to wear. I opted for skinny jeans, nude booties, and a white tee. Not pictured is the over-sized black cardigan I wore over it and the tank top I wore under that white top (gotta keep it classy and not let everyone know that I was wearing a green bra...well...I guess I just did. Whoops.).

 9:30 // Head To Class (& I'm Late...Whoops)
You see how there's no other students walking around in that second picture? Yeah, that's because they were probably all on time for class. Like I said, Tuesdays and Thursdays are sort of struggle bus days for me. Nevertheless, since I live on campus that walk to the appropriate building isn't too far away. I manage to make it only about ten minutes late. No big deal. Also, it's a lovely day out temperature wise!

 9:45-10:00am // Make it to the First Class of the Day 
My first class of the day is a marketing class called Consumer Behavior. It's a real gem at 9:30 in the morning, but at least the instructor is pretty cool. Since, I was late, I opted for the back row in typical slacker fashion. Our class is pretty large. There's a whole other section to right of me that isn't being pictured. *Cue good student note taking here*

 11:00am // Go to Second Class of the Day & It's Cancelled (Lucky me?)
Usually professors email if we're missing class, so I will admit that I was slightly annoyed to make the trek to the art building and find out my class was cancelled. Also, we had a very important worksheet due regarding our semester paper due (that I may or may not have stayed up working on til almost 2 or 3 am beforehand). Oh, well. I take the opportunity to try and be productive.

11:30am // Relocate to the Library. Subsequently Spend Half of My Time Studying & the Other Half on Tumblr.
The caption pretty much says it all. I turned in my worksheet and decided to go to the library and get some work done for my next class. I picked a cozy spot on the second floor and attempted for roughly ten minutes to get this picture. You'd be amazed at how strange people think taking timer cam selfies are in a public place. Totally got embarrassed as people started noticing what I was really doing. I wanted to be like, "You don't understand! I'm not vain, it's just for this blog post thing! No, come back!" Haha. 

 12:30am // Head Back to the Art Building For My Third Class. Get Inspired By All the Amazing Work on the Walls (Typical)
I love being an art student for so many reasons, but one of the best benefits is being able to pass through halls with drawings and pieces of work like this one them. There's always fresh charcoal drawings hanging on the walls from figure drawing classes on the second floor, the smell of plaster and wood on the first floor, and wet paintings hanging on the third. It's a beautiful, wonderful, creatively nourishing environment. My peers are beyond amazing at what they do.

2:00-3:30pm // Pick Up a Friend, Head to Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, & Watch the Basketball Game on the Huge TVs
After class got out, I rushed to pick up one of my best guy friends and we decided to head to lunch and watch the game together. The Razorbacks played in the first game of the SEC tournament, so what better way to take in the game than from several huge big screen TV's? I ate my weight in salsa, wings, and cheesecake bites while we watched. Unfortunately, we lost by two points. BLAH. All that carb consumption for nothing!

4:00-5:20pm // Not Pictured: Shenanigans Around Town (i.e. pumping gas, getting a smoothie, a trip to Walgreens & scoping out old haunts)

5:30pm // Get Back From My Shenanigans Around Town & Have Some Time to Kill. Logical Time Wasting Solution? Oil Pulling.
Have y'all heard about oil pulling? If not, here's the post I learned about it from a few weeks ago. It sounded all fine and dandy when I first read about it, but I was in no rush to try it until a few of my sorority sisters said they had been doing it and seen results. Since I wanted a little bit of a brighter smile before my Formal this Saturday, I thought it couldn't hurt to try. The worst part of it is the very beginning when the coconut oil is still solid. I took a picture of my face during this stage, but it was far too embarrassing to share in the blogosphere. 

6:00-7:00pm // Switch Up the Normal Braid to a Fishtail One as I Try Out a Variety of Different Hairstyles (as promised in my Weekly Wishes from this past week)
Like Jess, I do a Weekly Wishes blog post at the beginning of each week. This past week I aspired to try a new hairstyle. I don't care for doing my hair and am just not gifted at styling it so I'm trying to get a bit better. Plus, I wanted to try some potential styles for Formal. An easy first style to try was the fishtail braid. Next, I experimented with a few different wrap braids and pony tails. 

7:30pm // Totally Caught the Sun Setting as I Start Scoping Out the Festivities Happening at My Sorority House (aka where I live).
Thursday we had a philanthropy event benefiting St. Jude called Pancake Pigout. We decorated our house and invited anyone and everyone to come out and enjoy a pancake dinner. I was scoping out the event before my set volunteer slot. There was a huge turn out and I caught the sun setting which was awesome!

8:00-9:30 pm // Volunteer at a Philanthropy Event at My Sorority House. Pancakes, Music, & Fun Ensues. I Also Get to Show Off My Superior Juice Pouring Skills. 
At the event, I helped keep the drinks a flowing (juice for everyone!) and helped our servers keep pancakes coming as well. At the end of the night I helped clean up after the event. It's always amazing getting to help out with these huge events and know that we're benefitting a great cause (one of the best parts about being in a sorority).

10:00pm // Personal Work & Computer Time
I wind out the evening by getting ready for bed, sending and responding to emails, checking social media, preparing this post and pinning for a super secret blogger collaboration project on Pinterest! This project will involve both Jess and I, so get excited for it's unveiling in the next month or two! 

It's been a day well spent. 

I just wanted to say thanks so much to Jess for having me again and all of her awesome readers too! If you want to keep up with me on the daily feel free to visit my blog Dearie Lovie for mindless ramblings, the occasional outfit post, art, beauty, awkward adventures, inspiration, and other daily shenanigans! 

Also stalk me follow me on: Bloglovin // Instagram // Twitter //  Pinterest 

P.S. - You can catch Jess's day over on my blog here! 



  1. Loving this little feature! She is adorable! And I love those ankle booties :)
    xo TJ


    1. Her ankle booties are seriously so cute :) thanks for stopping by TJ :)

  2. how is the oil pulling going? 20 MINUTES THOUGH? such a long time!! btw, are you going to the next bloggers giving back event?

    1. Such a confusing question hehe, I'm not the one doing the oil pulling-Ashlee my guest poster is ;) I AM however going to be at the next event :D


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