Weekly Wishes #11

It's my favorite day of the week!
(yes, Monday is actually my favorite)

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are ready and refreshed for this week!
Let's set some goals!

This Weeks Wishes/To-Do List:
1. Do laundry. My WORST enemy.
2. Study. Study. Study. Brace yourselves, midterms are coming.
3. Clean my room. Pretty sure there are little elves that live in my room that just cause a crazy mess in here.
4. Go on a hike. I went with a girlfriend last week and it was so refreshing to be out in nature sweating our little butts off. I'm really afraid of hiking alone (too many horror stories of people getting lost all the time)...but the trail I enjoy hiking is usually pretty busy, so I've decided that I'll be going this week whether or not I have company.
5. Go on a date with Andy. We're watching Frozen Sing-a-Long tonight. I pity the people who sit near us. We channel our inner Elsa just about every day. I kid you not, we belt those songs out like it's nobody's business. #divas
6. Work on a little craft I'm putting together to ask my girlfriends to be my bridesmaids. More on this sometime in the near (ish) future.
7. Wear sunscreen. I am SO bad at this. I'm going to work really hard to remember to do this every day till it becomes a habit.
8. Get back to juicing. I stopped for a few weeks, for no reason really. I love juicing and it does wonders for my skin! Let's also add drinking more water to this too. 
9. Watch more episodes of Breaking Bad. We're almost done! We've taken a break from Netlix binging but it's time we finish Breaking Bad. I'm not a quitter guys.
10. Get to bed earlier. I went to bed before 11 last Wednesday night and come Thursday morning I felt like I was in a musical. Bright eyed, wide awake, and full of energy! MUST sleep more.

What are your goals for the week?
Link up HERE!
Cheers to an extraordinary Monday!

PS: There are only FIVE seats left for Blogger Brunch! Make sure you buy your tickets asap if you haven't already! Hope to see you there! 



  1. The first I wondered about was: what are you about to eat ;-)? I'm starting to think you love food as much as I do and love people who do!

    You're quite ambitious with all your goals, but I can relate on some: study, study and study some more. I used to be so good at cramming all that info in my head and now I can't even remember it the next time. Working and studying is not a good idea. And sleep sound so good to me, your description sounds hilarious, haven't felt like that in a long time LOL

    Good luck on doing laundry and the rest of your wishes ;-)!

    1. FOOOOOOD! This was a vanilla bean coffee cake from a bakery I just discovered not too far from my home! It was DELICIOUS!

      I've never been one to cram for exams-I panic too much haha. Good luck with your studies this week!

  2. Is that coffee cake? It looks amaaazzzzzinnggg.

    I love BB & I am only two seasons in on Netflix! Haha!

    Good luck this week!

    1. VANILLA BEAN COFFEE CAKE! Keep watching BB! It gets CRAZY! The only show that has ever stressed me out while entertaining me!

  3. You are seriously a woman after my own heart! Laundry is also my worst enemy and actually get around to doing the laundry is something I'm really bad at. Maybe if I ignore it, the little elves that also seem to be wreaking havoc in my room will do it for me? Haha. I just recently watched Frozen and HOLY AMAZING. YES. The soundtrack is now a staple on my Spotify. Also, I've been slacking on juicing. I love how refreshed it makes me feel, especially in the morning. I just wish the price tags per bottle of juice were just a wee bit lower, know what I mean?

    Wishing you luck this week on your goals/wishes!


    1. I've really been wishing those little elves would just take all my clothes so I wouldn't have to deal with it! Also, Frozen Sing-Along was incredible! You should go watch it!! Making your own juices is definitely much cheaper than buying them made already made but buying a juicer can be intimidating! Totally worth it though!

  4. Love that photo! Good luck with your laundry. I hate doing that too. I usually let it pile up and then it is miserable. Here lately I have been keeping up with it and it isn't too bad.

    1. I always let it pile up too and then I regret it come laundry day. I always tell myself it wont happen again but of course...it does!

  5. LOVE hiking! I should probably put this on my list for the week as well.

    1. I love hiking too!!! Hope you get a fun hike in this week!

  6. Hiiii!!! We are pretty much the same person. First off, your photo makes me SO HUNGRY! I just want to it! Good luck with all your wishes this week...we have many of the same! I just finished 2 loads of laundry and have 1-2 more to do! Oops, I should probably do laundry more often :) I go to grad school in German so this week is our finals week (from 1st semester) so my life is "study, study, study!" I also need to clean my room as well before I head back to the USA for a few weeks. Frozen is just about the best/cutest movie :) I too have a craft project in the making but for Valentine's Day! Once again, I try to go to sleep before midnight every night but fail horribly...and then am exhausted the next morning! In terms of sunscreen, have you tried a facial lotion/moisturizer with sunscreen in it? I like Olay's with SPF 15...killing two birds with one stone! Hope you have a great week and good luck with all your wishes!

    xoxoxo Jordan

    1. I actually used to love Olay and stopped using it for some reason. Thanks for reminding me! Good luck with finals this week!!!!


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