Wedding Wednesday: The Guest List

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I mentioned in this weeks wishes that Andy and I really needed to get started on our wedding guest list. We've been putting off committing to a particular venue because the amount of people it allows is just simply not enough...but we LOVE this venue. SO, yesterday we sat ourselves down at the cutest little coffee shop and really committed ourselves to figuring out whether we should limit our guest list or start looking at a new venue. Though I am in no need an expert, here are a few tips for anyone else in the same boat trying to figure this wedding stuff out! 

Side note: I've watched the Wedding Planner more times than I can count. 
Pretty sure that makes me a wedding planner IRL. 
Thank you JLO. 

Step 1: Pick a fun location

We could have probably made our list at home, but a coffee shop made it less frustrating (read: boring). Literally 10 names in I was ready for a nap. Andy and I love Layer Cake Bakery & Cafe, if you're in Orange County you MUST got here! They have amazing vanilla lattes and an extensive menu of delicious sweets! Pick a place you both love and get to planning! A public location outside of your home is also ideal in case you want to kill each other while writing this list out. Or during any of the wedding planning really. If you're a blogger, bring your camera. If things start to get too tense, tell your groom you need to stop planning for a bit to photograph stuff for your blog.

Step 2: Break your list off into categories
We decided we would split our list in half and start off with our wedding party. From there we each wrote out our immediate family (mom, dad, siblings). We then moved on to close family (aunts, uncles, cousins). We then thought about our wedding parties' significant others. Not to be confused with their plus one. Andy's groomsman and best man who are married do not have a plus one, they have wives who we are friends with. A plus one would be my girlfriends boyfriend who she's been dating for 4 months and whom I've never met. See the difference? If we're short on space, it's the plus ones that go first. Next, we thought about our long time/childhood/college friends. We also thought about their significant others. If they've been in a relationship for a while and we're friends with the other person, they made the list. If we can barely remember their names...not so much. This is where things can get tricky, but you can't make space for everyone. Accept that and move on. We then moved on to distant family members and friends of the family. I'm Mexican, so this category filled up ridiculously fast. Really think about who is important to you. There are many people who were a huge part of my childhood and helped shape me into who I am today. They obviously cannot be excluded from the most important day of my life. However, there are always those struggles of inviting one family, but not inviting another family they might be close with who you also know (but you yourself are not close with). Again, you can't invite everyone. Man up. Last on our list is current/newer friends. We decided to make this the last bit of our list because though friendships can spark and grow really quickly, you don't know if you'll still be friends with said people years from now. Keep them on your list, but if space is truly limited, nix the plus ones and newer friendships. A friend you just met 3 months ago will most likely understand.

Step 3: Eat more

Just do it. You need it at this point.

Step 4: Be open minded

Though writing our list wasn't too treacherous, we did have our moments where we were just like, WHAT. Andy wrote down a few childhood friends who I had never heard of on his list. I just could not wrap my head around why he would want to invite someone he hadn't spoken to in years. I was flustered with him because I felt like we could use those spaces for someone more important. Here's the thing, whoever Andy decides to invite is important to him. Have faith in your husband to be, and give him the liberty to do as he wishes with his side of the list. I've been constantly having to remind myself that this is our day. Not mine, but ours. If Andy wants to invite Batman, he should be able to. Hey, I wrote that without cringing! Growth.

Step 5: Take some sweets home

Just do it. You deserve it.

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  1. Once again, you win for best pictures! I feel like the guest list is one of the hardest parts because of how many people you may have to leave out. Sounds like you have a good plan though!

    PS I love how Andy's side of the paper is filled up and yours is like half full! hahah

    1. Thank you!!

      Haha, he seriously has SO many friends! His family is really small so I thought his list would be short but once he got to 50 something I was just like omgggg haha.

  2. Is this in Downtown Fullerton? I always look at it and think that I need to go in there but I haven't yet!

    1. It is! I LOVE it! They have a really good menu. A little on the pricey side depending on what you order, but the atmosphere is fun and relaxed and the coffee is delicious! We should go and be bloggers there ;)


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