Rise & Relax

Happy Wednesday!
I'm linking up with Melyssa today for the second installment of The Creative Collective.

Today's prompt is to create a playlist of new music.
Truthfully, I only enjoy listening to Disney music and 90's pop. And T. Swift obviously...
I'm not even ashamed.

SO, this was a [fun] stretch for me!
I really enjoyed listening to the relaxing tunes of Benjamin Francis and Ron Pope (look at me expanding my horizons...sort of.)

I had the morning off and decided to wake up early and enjoy my playlist in a wonderful bubble while sipping some coffee + reading a magazine. Who says unwinding should be reserved for long stressful days??

By the way, this Lush bubble bar is kind of the greatest thing ever! It smells amazing and you're basically bathing in glitter. Ahhh!

My favorite songs:
Atlas Hands-Benjamin Francis Leftwich
I'm kind of a hopeless romantic...

To check out my entire playlist click here!

What have you been listening to?
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Have a wonderful day!
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. You're a gal after my own heart! Disney is the best (I finally watched Frozen last weekend, can you believe it took me that long?!), and well, pop music is always a good idea ;) Will definitely be checking out your playlist!

  2. Ooooh what is that bar called?! I have the "Sex" bath bomb that I got for Christmas and it has little flower petals in it!!! But our tub is not fit for baths right now so I have to wait til we move.

    1. This one's called Sunny Side! It's my favorite one because you get to be a glitter goddess in the tub!

  3. ALL the TSwift! haha and Disney music forever. This may sound like a totally dumb question but does the bubble bar leave you with glitter all over you? Or does it rinse away?

    1. ALL the TSwift + Disney forever!!! Not a dumb question at all, I asked the same thing in the store haha. The glitter rinses from your skin but sticks to your tub! It also makes the water REALLY pretty and super bubbly!

  4. I found this very fun and challenging for me, too, since I don't tend to go out of my niche. The glitter bar sounds awesome!


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