Love in LA

This week has been really long and stressful for me-and it's only Wednesday. I've been in and out of doctor's visits and the results I got Monday afternoon weren't what I expected or what I was hoping for. I'll talk more about this at another time-mostly because I've exhausted my thoughts on my health for the week. Fair? I think so. 

In the midst of disappointment, I've felt so grateful for my loving friends and family who've helped me get through many rough patches in the past years. Yesterday Andy and I took a break from reality and took a day trip with our friends to the fakest place we could think of. LA.

Kidding. I'm totally kidding! I love LA! Duh.

We started our day off with a picnic and frisbee at Lake Hollywood Park. There were a TON of obviously I became friends with all of them and was totally creepy and took pictures of them too...oops. 

Someone really wanted to join us!
This is Lucy! She was my favorite! I mean, look at her heart shaped tongue!
Yep. I take pictures of strangers dogs. 
I need help.
We then took a ton of selfies, because that's what people in adult relationships do. 

 Note: Andy wants me to tell you all that he doesn't always look this "derpy" we were just really tired.

Andy bet me "one million dollars" that he could get the frisbee up in the tree. He got it up there and spent about 20 minutes trying to get it down. I now owe him a million dollars.

After our picnic we went to the Griffith Observatory. Such a lovely place! 

There's always so much to do in this city! 
What's your favorite thing to do in LA?


  1. how cool!! haha we both posted photos of sunsets at the griffith observatory. and i also love that your post was mostly positive while mine was somewhat negative about LA. :) there is a lot of great stuff to do there though. I think I would love visiting often, but definitely done with living there!

    1. I love the observatory! I love visiting LA...but I'd probably go nuts living there haha! Hope your transition to Vegas has been smooth so far!

  2. I'm from the midwest and we've only lived here 7 months. I have a huge bucket list! I took the kids to the Observatory a couple weeks ago. It was hazy that day, so the views weren't the best, but we all had fun! Even though we had to park almost a mile away.

    1. There's always so much to do in LA/OC so I'm sure your list is crazy long!! The parking and how busy the Observatory gets is definitely not my favorite but it's worth it for the view! :)


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