Bloggers Giving Back: OC Blogger Brunch!

Happy Tuesday!
If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you saw me bombarding your feed with pictures of our first Bloggers Giving Back event this weekend. I'm just going to say it now: I'm not sorry. 

Blogger Brunch was SO FUN
I figured the whole world should know it.
Or at least those who follow me anyway. 

We've been planning this event for quite some time now, and it was just so exciting to finally see it come to life! A group of fabulous bloggers getting together to support some fabulous charities, is there anything better?? The answer is no. 

Blogger Brunch was held at the cutest little studio, Great Over Good. I LOVE THIS SPACE! Naadine aka founder of Great Over Good, aka the hash tag queen, aka the greatest girl ever, was so gracious to open up her doors to us for the event and all the planning!

Before I get into all the cuteness that was this event, I wanted share a little about the charities that we worked with for Blogger Brunch. Working Wardrobes empowers men and women to overcome difficult challenges while preparing them to enter the workforce. They not only provide career training and job placement services, they also equip those in their program with work appropriate clothing for interviews. The Princess Project provides free prom dresses to girls in high schools who cannot otherwise afford them. Every blogger who attended brought a bag of clothing to contribute to these charities, and together we were able to collect a ton of great pieces that will be put to good use by those who need it most! Thank you so much to all of you for making such a huge difference in our community!

Brunch consisted of mimosa/coffee drinking, yummy food, a fun craft, socializing (and a crazy amount of laughter everywhere!), and LOTS of picture taking!

 Blogger 101: Before you eat ANYTHING, make sure you photograph it.

Want to make the scrub we made at the brunch? Here are the steps:
Step 1: Add 1/2 cup of coconut oil to a jar
Step 2: Add a small handful of flower petals
Step 3: Add 1 cup of brown sugar
Step 4: Top with 3-4 drops of almond oil. 

Now we can all smell delicious together!

I apologize for this picture being blurry, I think our photographer was really nervous to be around so many great bloggers! :)

Blogging has taken me to a place in my life that I never in a million years would have imagined or planned for myself. I absolutely love the feeling of a room full of women empowering each other, supporting each other, and being excited about meeting each other! In those few hours of brunching, it felt like we'd all known each other forever. I'm so thankful for this community, and all the fabulous girls I've met through it! I'm particularly thankful for Bloggers Giving Back, and all the fun we've had planning and organizing this and future events!

 Team Bloggers Giving Back hug!

If you're bummed that you missed this event, worry not! Bloggers Giving Back has been working hard to plan out charity events for everyone to participate in! We'll be announcing next months event in detail sometime next week so stay tuned!!

PS: Have suggestions for a charity you'd like us to support? Let us know!

If you went to Blogger Brunch, make sure you leave a link to your post in the comments so I can come stalk your photos! 

Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. This is so awesome! I'm so glad that you all had such a fun time! I wish I could have been there. There is a program here that allows juniors and seniors in a certain school district to go and browse through TONS of prom dresses. That's actually how I got my prom dress for my senior year! We all took a day off school and spent it there trying things on. We also have something similar to the Working Wardrobes. I wonder if any Arizona Bloggers would be interested in doing anything ilke this. Hmm. got myself thinking now! haha sorry for the super long ranty comment. Have a great week, pretty girl!

    1. Hey Kai! (ohhhh heyyy kaiiii it's your blog name haha) email me when you get a chance! We're trying to expand Bloggers Giving Back to other states at some point!

  2. The brunch was so much fun! I'm so glad I got the change to go. I met a few bloggers I'd been reading and now I have a lot of new bloggers to read!

    1. It was so great meeting you Kara! Thanks for sharing your post with me!!

  3. thank you for all of your hard work and time on this event! It was wonderful to meet you and the other bloggers! Highlight of my week.

    1. I'm so glad I finally got to meet you and fan girl over Penny!!! Hope to see you at our next event/events to follow!!!

  4. thanks for helping to organize it! So nice to meet you!

    1. It was so great to meet you Nicole!!! Hope to see you at future events!!

  5. Jess! It was awesome meeting you. I LOVE that body scrub btw. Already have plans to make more :) I tweeted Melyssa about a charity called Operation Mend at UCLA but she hasn't responded. Are you on twitter?

    1. I'm not on twitter, I just cannot get the hang of it haha #badblogger! We're meeting up next week to discuss a few upcoming events, I'll make sure to bring this one up! Thanks so much for your suggestion and for joining us on Saturday!

    2. Haha, it's totally understandable. I'm still new to the hash tags. I didn't get a chance to write it down on the suggestion paper but I know of lots of charities if you ever need suggestions let me know! :) You're welcome! It's great to be part of such an amazing group of women who give back to the community.

  6. I had a lot of fun too :) It was great to meet you and hang out with some cool bloggers :)

  7. Aww this looks like so much fun!!! As soon as I saw this on Melyssa's blog I was so jealous that I don't live in the area :( Switzerland is just too far away and there's nothing similar going on here - such a shame! Looks like you ladies had a fabulous time! x Michelle


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