When in LA...

New Year's Eve morning Andy and I went on a glamorous hike to the Hollywood sign with our sweet friends Kandyce & David...
Only in LA will you see people hiking in Tory Burch flats and pretty dresses (true story).
Only in LA will you pay $18 for a margarita (truer story).
Only in LA will you find a cupcake ATM that will dispense sugary treats for you whenever you wish.
Only in LA will you find a cupcake shop that also sells doggy cupcakes.
Needless to say, we had the BEST DAY EVAAA!

Jumping picture success!
Jumping picture fail...Andy and I are TERRIBLE at these!
The view from above the ever so famous Hollywood sign. SO nice!
Of course we had to find the Disneyland star!

Cheers to beautiful views & beautiful friendships!



  1. This view look surreal from where I'm sitting, grey and cold Belgium LOL You're making me so jealous right now with those blue skies and nice weather! We could use some here!

    And I can't imagine finding a cupcake store here that sells doggy cupcakes, hilarious and too cute!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Winter in California is more like a toned down version of Summer :)

  2. A cupcake ATM!?! That is reason enough for me to move to LA!


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