Weekly Wishes #8

Happy Monday everyone!
Welcome back!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My medicine's really catching up to me today and I am exhausted. I've been sleeping all day and I'm almost feeling a little disillusioned that I've "wasted" my Monday, but it's still the start of a fresh new week so I'm going to continue relaxing for today and will turn things around tomorrow!

Before I jump into my goals for the week, I thought I'd share a few photos of our week/weekend!
Babysitting my niece and nephew at Disneyland-because that's where the cool aunts go (and because the kids got in for free since they're both under 3 years of age!), beach day, quick Disney trip for lunch, and batting cages & miniature golfing double date with our friends!

1. Take down our Christmas tree. It's staring straight at me as I write this...
2. Complete 10 day juice cleanse. I give myself half a gold star for this one because I did end up having snacks and a few other meals, but I DID drink all the juices I was supposed to! My skin is looking quite wonderful and I'm eager to continue juicing!
3. Start/try out hot yoga. I've sweat more this week than I've ever sweat in my lifetime. Will give an update on this when the 2 weeks are up!
4. Go on a hike.
5. Start our weekly devotional.
6. Work on week 1 of Project Life. I don't remember the last time I printed photos! SO fun! I'd love to know if any of you are working on a project by the way!
7. Learn how to make ketchup! Post goes up tomorrow!
8. Take Duke to the doggy beach.
9. Go to Disneyland!
10. Not cry about going back to school. Didn't cry at all. My professors are great and I'm so excited about what I'll be learning this quarter!

This Weeks Wishes/To-Do List:
1. Take down our Christmas tree. For real.
2. Go on a hike.
3. Learn how to make dumplings. I bought a mini pocket maker at Sur La Table and I'm so excited to make a gluten free option!
4. Take Duke to the doggy beach.
5. Take at least 1 bag of clothes to a donation center. I've decided I have way too much that I just don't wear, and I'm determined to shrink the size of my wardrobe because really, who needs 10 black dresses?
6. Continue eliminating clutter from my bedroom. Again, too much unnecessary stuff around me. I'm almost done freeing my room of things I don't need or use!
7. Follow through with my commitment to ban Starbucks/coffee shops in general for the week. I spend way too much on simple teas and coffees that I can make at home if I just give myself enough time before heading out the door. 
8. Hydrate. Juicing and yoga have made me realize how little water I actually drink.
9. Get ahead on my assignments for school. I used to do this weird thing where I'd look at the class syllabus and read at least 2-3 chapters ahead and do the assignments if possible so I could focus and know what was going on in lecture. Last quarter I stopped doing that and I feel as though I didn't learn as much as I could have. I'm setting aside an evening this week to just read and take notes so I'm prepared before I go to class.
10. Find something positive in every day and write it down. I have a jar of "happy thoughts" and I'd really like to fill it up this year! There's always something positive! 

Since I didn't post last Friday, today's wishes holds 2 UnBirthday giveaways!
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Giveaways close Wednesday.
Winner of giveaway #3!

Thank you for stopping by,
Have a fabulous Monday!


  1. Hey there! Found you through Weekly Wishes (isn't it great to find new blogs to love?!) and I am SO with you on the juicing. And really hydrating in general. I can always tell when I'm feeling more down and sluggish because I haven't drank enough water throughout the day! As for the highlight of my weekend- definitely buying my new mattress! I'm so excited about it being all mine!

    1. Loved checking your blog out Destiny! I'm excited to see what type of bedding you get!

  2. I think the fact that you're thinking about taking down your Christmas tree has to count for something.

    1. Thanks for the support Flora! I took down the ornaments last night, so that's a start!!

  3. I plan to work on clearing out clutter this week too. Good luck with all of your weekly wishes! A doggy beach sounds like a lot of fun. I wish we had a place like that in MN that I could take my dog too. A dog beach sounds so much cooler than a dog park. :)

    1. Our little Duke loves the dog beach! We're really lucky to only be about 20 minutes away! A dog park is fun too-you work with what you have, no? :) thanks for stopping by Crystal! Your pup is too cute!

  4. Good luck with your goals this week.
    I totally understand about the Starbucks bit. There is one 3 minutes from my house and I go all the time. It adds up over time.
    Love the idea of the happy jar. Sounds great.

    1. The temptation is ridiculous! Especially since you can't drive down a street without seeing at least one Starbucks!

  5. So, I just read through EIGHT of your blogs that I hadn't read yet - I need to move you into a folder on Bloglovin because otherwise I don't see you! Which is lame. Your giveaways are SO cute! Can I enter the second one?! You've already read my goals :) but to refresh you (and me), they are to journal and make appointments, read and write! So far I'm not doing too badly!
    Also, my Christmas tree is staring at me as I type this, too.. But it's so pretty! Why do we have to take them down?!
    ALSO you're awesome and I enjoyed the fact that I hadn't read your blog in forever because then I had a bunch of posts to read and I loved it!
    Good luck this week :)

    1. Love reading your goals! Thanks for reading through everything :) I entered you in the second giveaway yay!!

  6. Hey Jess, I'm trying to get in touch with you for the Big/Little link-up but the email is not going through. Email me at tealvogue@gmail.com

    Can't wait to hear from you!


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