Wedding Wednesday: our engagement story

It's been a little over a week now since Andy and I got engaged, and I am SO excited to finally be sharing the story of how it all happened! Before I get started, I thought I'd rehash our first date (and a little about when we met) because it's pretty relevant to this story...and because I like telling it! I met Andy October of 2010 at a raging party. And by raging I mean we met at a mutual friends party at UC Irvine. If you know anything about UCI parties, you know it was not raging. At all. 

So. The party was SO wild that we all decided to step out for some doughnuts. You know, to calm down after all the party madness. A group of us sat around a table outside of the only doughnut shop in Irvine that's open 24 hours a day (and quite possibly the ONLY place in Irvine that's open 24 hours a day) and Andy and I got to talking about Disneyland! After discussing the fact that we both had annual passes, he casually asked me for my number so we could go to the park together sometime. I was EXCITEDAnd then he never called me.

Now, I'm not one to really just let things obviously I text him a month later, reminding him that we still had to go to Disneyland together. Anyway, we finally got the chance to go on our first date together in December. The evening we chose also happened to be my little brother's high school marching band championships about an hour away from us. To my surprise, Andy was all for going! We had the most pleasant drive together and lucky for me...there were no awkward silences (I tend to get kind of weird during those)...we arrived way too early and decided to watch a movie at a theater that was close by. We watch TANGLED! Ahhhh Disney magic! After the movie, we headed to the championships and watched my brother perform. On our way back home, we stopped by a cute little restaurant where we had a slightly awkward dinner together. Turns out we're both really messy eaters and for the sake of our first date we tried our hardest to keep ourselves clean (thank goodness we got over that real quick). We then took a stroll on the beach and the rest is history! Three years pass and things are Andy decides to ask my parents for permission to marry me (turns out that was really scary so he says). Are you still here? This is where things get good!

Last Monday my girlfriend and I had made plans to have dinner and get a manicure since both of our birthdays were that week.

Please excuse my marshmallow hands.
After too much sushi and too much gossiping and giggling, Andy interrupted our date and surprised me by picking me up from where I was, saying there was somewhere he wanted to take me. I found it slightly weird, but since it was my birthday week and this boy is naturally romantic, I didn't think anything of it. So we're driving....driving....driving....and I just couldn't figure out where it was that we were going. We pull up to the beach where we had our first date and I was immediately horrified. I have a big fear of beaches late at night guys. It just seems like an easy place to go drop off a dead body after you've committed a crime. 

After reassuring me that there was no one around, he pulled his lap top out and placed it on the hood of his car and started playing Tangled! Ahhh so romantic! It felt like we were at a drive in theater, which I had been telling him I wanted to go to. He even made sure we had snacks for our movie. What a sweet guy!

Our movie ended and he suggested we take a stroll on the beach. Again, I was not a huge fan of this idea, but alas, I went with it. I'll admit, I cut our stroll short because I kept thinking someone was watching us. We walked back to the blanket he had brought with him and we sat down. 

Out of nowhere, he pulled out the cutest paper lanterns (like we were Rapunzel and Eugene!). I still hadn't put two and two together, I thought he was just being overly romantic! Then these 2 figures started walking towards us and I lost it. I was SURE they were coming to kill us. Turns out it was his friends, armed with fancy cameras ready to capture the most magical moment EVER! They started flashing their cameras and Andy got on one knee and pulled a ring out!!!! I was SHOCKED! So shocked that I don't even remember what he said...

And then we were engaged! Hoorayyyy!!! 

We went over to the Harbor House...the restaurant where we had gone to on our first date, and celebrated with some ridiculously cheesy fries!

So there you have it...he recreated our first date! 

The next day, we had to go to Disneyland to celebrate of course!

We'll be checking out a venue in Dana Point in a few weeks (where we had our first date and got engaged!) and we've both agreed that we want to incorporate all the Disney love stories in our theme! We're also both in agreement that we want to support as many small businesses as possible. My ring was bought and handmade from a small business and I LOVE it! I also like how personal everything is when you buy from small businesses! Do any of you know of any shops you think I should check out? I would love any suggestions!



  1. that is SO AWESOME that he got a local handmade ring! and also that is a very very sweet proposal story. and also anotherrrr coworker just told me that we look alike. lol

    1. I mean we're basically twins! Also, I'm glad you have such productive blog reading days at work ;)

    2. i swear i get my work done............

  2. Awww, your story is the sweetest! What a wonderful proposal! And I was laughing my head off when you started talking about getting freaked at the beach LOL Love, love your ring and it's so wonderful that it's handmade and from a small business.

    Can't wait to follow along with your wedding planning!

  3. YAAAY!! I'm SO happy for you!!! I also love that you want to support small businesses -- that is so awesome! A disney-themed wedding sounds pretty incredible too. Oh and I get SUPER freaked out at beaches at night too. Dead bodies FO SHO.

    1. Thanks Meylssa! Practice that calligraphy girl, so you can address about 200 invitations for us ;) kidding! Also, I can only imagine how many dead bodies there are out there. Eeeeekkkk!

  4. I like want to cry at this adorable story, oh my GOSH. Incorporating Disney love stories into your wedding is going to be the best thing ever and I am going to need to see every picture you freaking take at your wedding. I'm like SO excited about everything that I don't even mind if every Wednesday is Wedding Wednesday. Do it. SO CUTE AND SO HAPPY FOR YOUUUUUUUU

    1. I'm SO sad that you'll be away when our actual wedding takes place :( maybe you can send Lilo as your representative!

  5. Congratulations!!! Your ring is beautiful, and your story is adorable. My husband and I used as many small vendors as we could, and one that I cannot recommend highly enough is Up Up Creative, who designed our invitation suite. Julie, the owner and designer, is amazing and great to work with, and our invitations were perfect. You should totally check her out!! (

    Also, my favorite wedding website of all time is A Practical Wedding. It has great posts not only on wedding planning, but marriage, and just is a wonderful place for smart women to talk about... everything. I recommend it to everyone I know, haha.

    1. I don't know why I'm just seeing this now! So sorry about that! Thanks so much for these recommendations! I'm on that site right now!!!


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