Five on FRIDAY!

(Sorry if you actually clicked the link. I seem to be the only person on Earth that enjoys this song.)
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1. Favorite juice this week
4 celery stalks, 2 cucumbers, 2 apples, 1 lemon, a handful of kale. SO. GOOD.

2. Favorite accomplishment this week
 I made homemade ketchup! Check out the post HERE!
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3. Favorite surprise of the week
I came home to this after a long day and it was wonderful! Andy is the greatest!

4. Speaking of my birthday...oh, we weren't? Just roll with it... 
Victoria's Secret sent me a $10 gift card for my birthday so obviously I had to go use it! They're finishing up their Semi Annual Sale, so I scored some amazing deals! A pair of leggings, originally $39.50 for $11, a pink hoodie, originally $44.50 for $26, a mini perfume & full size body wash both originally $12 down to $2 each, a travel size body spray originally $8 down to $2, and 4 panties (which I felt slightly weird showing but there you go) for $2 each! I also got a free pair of socks with my purchase. Thanks for all the discounts VS! I blame my birthday for this...

5. What I'm most looking forward to TODAY...
A relaxing evening spent drinking coffee and watching Friends! 

My birthday is in 9 days and I am EXCITED

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Yes! I can particiapte now! Lol I seriously love love LOVE your unbirthday series of giveaways! so sweet.

    My TWENTY FIRST is April 7th :)

  2. The juice looks great! Do you use a real juicer or a blender? I "juice" with my blendtec blender- so it says on the thicker side and also uses more of the fruits/veggies so there is less waste- but I always wonder if I should get a real juicer too.

    1. I use an actual juicer! I was hesitant to spend money on one since I have a perfectly good blender but if you shop around for a really basic one you can find a good price. I bought mine on and it was only $27 (It's this one... Pretty basic but gets the job done! :)

  3. I'm new to the whole juicing thing -forcing myself to drink the stuff when I don't actually like the taste. Does a person ever get over that? I'll have to try out your recipe, and maybe drinking it out of a little mason jar would make it taste better?

    1. It's definitely an acquired taste! I like adding a lot of ice to my juice, something about drinks being cold makes me enjoy them more! I'm all about drinking EVERYTHING out of mason jars :) let me know how you like this juice if you make it!

  4. we made homemade mayo and i actually liked it! (i am not a fan of store bought mayo!) catsup must be fun!!!

    1. Oooohhh homemade mayo sounds fun! I love making things like that! Yay!


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