Brain Dump

Hello all!
Today I'm going to write about whatevaaa.
I've set my timer for 10 minutes.
Good luck to you if you get through this post.

So Tuesday night I was trying to fall asleep and I kept getting this weird pain in my chest...kind of like when you swallow something and don't chew it all the way-if that makes any sense. I was laying in bed wondering if I was having a heart attack or something but I was quite frankly too lazy to get up and figure out what was going on (plus I'm not a doctor so what do I know?)...I'm kind of a hypochondriac so I thought I should just try and let it pass. I woke up Wednesday morning feeling fine, so I went about my day as usual. Wednesday afternoon things got real weird though. I was working with one of my kids and I just fell. I FELL. I don't know why. I got up, and I thought everything was cool and then I fell again. My kid freaked out and called out for help (what a smart kiddo) and within a few minutes there was a paramedic by my side. Turns out my heart rate was slowly dropping. No big deal right???? But actually...pretty big deal. I'm not sure what your problem is, heart, but you

*insert casual transition here*

Has anyone been using Instagram's direct messaging feature? It's kind of the greatest thing. Cat and I have been messaging each other photos of our pups because they are the rulers of our worlds. Speaking of which, I just sent Cat a picture of Duke sleeping right in the middle of my bed. He does that just about every night. He's this little guy, but he takes up my entire bed and I'm left either dangling off the side or pushed up against the wall. 

Or he'll do this...
So I have to sleep at the foot of the bed...

Also, this is Duke the very first day we brought him home. I LOVE HIM.

One of the little girls I work with is auditioning for her school choir and she's singing Frozen's Let It Go. She's my hero guys. She is truly fearless and I know she is going to do some amazing things for this world! We've been working on her self confidence and social skills for quite a while now, so this is a huge moment for her and I am SO excited! Anyway Let It Go has been my theme song for the past month and a half now and I cannot get it out of my head. The movie is genius and the soundtrack is genius-er (hehe) soooo HERE YOU GO

Speaking of cold things. I am so sorry for those of you in the South that are experiencing crazy snow right now. You shouldn't have pissed Elsa off. 

Just kidding. I really am sorry though! I hope you're all staying as safe and warm as possible! 

My timer's up so I'm leaving now. But before I fabulous was Taylor Swifts Grammy performance? I listen to this song about 5 times a day, easily. I too do the head banging, but I'm not as gracious as Taylor is. Must practice.

Thanks for dropping by!
Happy almost weekend!



  1. Oh my goodness, I hope you are okay! Your pup is the cutest.

  2. Duke is the cutest little cutie I have ever seen! Past and present!

  3. Little Duke is the cutest ever! Happy (almost) Friday!


  4. I almost cried AGAIN looking at those pictures of Duke! JEEZ HE IS CUTE! Instagram direct messaging, hollaaaaa! I love it! You're kind of the only person I do it with, actually hahaha. I guess I think my other friends will just be like, uhhh why didn't you Snapchat that to me? Maybe I'll start branching out!

    1. Haha, I deleted snap chat but have reserved Duke pics to just you and Andy aka the only people that care to see pictures of Duke sleeping!


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