my favorite place with my favorite boy

It's FRIDAY! I finally felt better this morning so naturally Andy & I had to go to Disneyland! 

But first, coffee!
The cutest little flower market!
Andy & I are really fascinated by the lucky ducks that get to live at Disneyland!
A new pin for our collection-obviously.
Andy & I spend a lot of time looking at all the details Disneyland has throughout the park. They're always magical!
Fun fact: I've always wanted one of these balloons but I'm quite frankly way too cheap to fork over the $8...
Mickey & The Magical Map is my FAVORITE show! I especially love when Rapunzel & Eugene sing together. Andy & I watched this movie on our first date so I can't help but feel giddy when I see this!

Thanks for sharing in our Disney day! Have a fabulous weekend!!

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