The 25 Days of HoliDates!

Happy I regret eating so much yesterday day/I'm still in a food coma day/I'm feeling giddy and wonderful day/day after Thanksgiving day/FRIDAY-DAY! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday shared with friends and family and grateful hearts!

Since the first day of December is on Sunday, I wanted to share something fun Andy and I will be doing the entire month leading up to Christmas day...

1 holiday themed date every day leading up to Christmas! I know what you're thinking...don't these people have jobs? Who in the world has time for that many dates?

Truth is, we quit our jobs to be able to enjoy each others company this month because it's seriously my favorite time of year! So thankful for a boyfriend who goes along with all my suggestions!!

Kidding :)

We planned our dates according to our work schedule, and luckily I'm done with school till January so I've been given the wonderful gift of time!! Andy and I always have Tuesdays off so most of our full day dates are on Tuesdays, all others are things we can do at home or don't require much planning. So, here we go...

Dec.1 Lunch/football with friends. This isn't exactly a date I guess. Originally this date was supposed to be decorating our tree but...let's be real. I just could not wait for December 1st and our tree has been up for over a week now. Woops.
Dec. 2 Miniature golfing/laser tag/arcade games/race care rides at Camelot. We may or may not be extremely competitive with each other. And by we I really mean me.
Dec. 3 Disneyland/ice skating at Down Town Disney.
Dec. 4 Watch Friends Christmas episodes/drink coffee.
Dec. 5 Lounge around in our Christmas PJ's. Duke too. Obviously.
Dec. 6 Make Christmas ornaments for each other.
Dec. 7 Make paper snowflakes/watch Elf/spread the Christmas cheer by singing loud for all the hear!
Dec. 8 Watch the Muppet's Christmas Carol.
Dec. 9 Drive around looking at lights/grilled cheese & wine night
Dec. 10 Snow day/Victoria's Secret Fashion show. Not your traditional date night television show but we've watched it together every year. Plus my girl Taylor Swift is performing!
Dec. 11 Dog Beach.
Dec. 12 Kiss under the mistletoe.
Dec. 13 Work holiday party. We made balloon animals last year. Because people who work with children know
Dec. 14 Watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
Dec. 15 Build a fort/watch Tangled. We watched Tangled on our first date and ever since it's held a special place in our hearts.
Dec. 16 TREAT YO SELF DAY! We'll be treating ourselves to everything our little hearts desire (because of this we'll also be skipping anniversary gifts and have a $50 limit on Christmas gifts for each other this year) we plan on shopping, getting massages, eating a nice dinner, you get the point. Treat yo self.
Dec. 17 Anniversary! It'll be 3 wonderful years together! Obviously we are going to Disneyland.
Dec. 18 Bake gingerbread men.Hopefully they don't run away from us.
Dec. 19 Desserts only picnic/Scrabble at the park.
Dec. 20 Take a picture with Santa.
Dec. 21 Early morning pancake breakfast.
Dec. 22 Make gingerbread houses.
Dec. 23 Ice skating by the sea. Hotel del Coronado in San Diego has an ice skating rink with an ocean view. Swoon! We'll also be having Christmas dinner with Andy's family that night since they all live in San Diego.
Dec. 24 Watch the sunrise at the beach.
Dec. 25 Christmas DAY!!!!! We're surprising my niece and nephew with Disneyland annual passes for Christmas so we'll be at the park all day. I'm not sure if you guys knew this about us but we really like Disneyland...

I'm so excited for the most wonderful time of the year to finally be upon us! Cheers to all our HoliDates and all the wonderfulness December will hold!


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