Quick & Simple Holiday Craft

I've been trying to hold off on getting too crazy with Christmas stuff so as to not forget about the joys of Thanksgiving...but...let's be real, I'm giddy with Christmas joy! I walked into Micheal's yesterday because I needed something for a class project and I walk out with about 10 different items for holiday crafts! I couldn't help myself! Micheal's is basically Christmas crafting heaven right now!

Here's a really quick, simple, and inexpensive DIY to get you in the holiday spirit!

What you'll need: 
-1 shadowbox. Any size will work, I just liked the look of the smaller frame. This one was $5.99
-1 sheet of  12x12 scrap booking paper. I loved this glittery red one! $1.99
-Alphabet stickers, $2.99
-Mini holiday bells, $5.99

Micheal's always has great coupons! This weeks add includes a 50% off 1 item coupon.

To Make:
-Place the stickers on the outside part of the frame, spelling out any words or lyrics you would like.
-Measure and cut your paper to fit the back part of the frame. Fill box with jingle bells before sealing and tada! Easy holiday decor for your home!

Happy crafting!


  1. This is so cute!! Michael's is always intimidating to me, but I might need to go in soon to do some Christmas crafting!

    1. Thank you! You really should! It gets a little crazy but it's fun! :)


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