October Goals

Hello, welcome back!
I've been meaning to write out my October goals, so FINALLY (3 days late...) I'm making it happen! Some of my October goals are also on my Fall To Do List, so I'm really excited for this month! I'm hoping that writing them down will keep me more accountable for what I've decided to do. I've been feeling a lot more optimistic so I'm eager to get started on my list!

First off, it's October 3rd. That only means one thing...it's National Mean Girls Day. I'm pretty sure that's 100% a real thing...

October Goals:
  • Go apple picking 
  • Throw a pumpkin decorating party
  • Clean out my bedroom/get rid of all my clutter, clothing I don't use anymore, etc.
  • Change my bedding...and assemble my bed. I've had it for a while and it's STILL in pieces. Yikes.
  • Put up my Fall decorations. They've been sitting in my Micheal's bag forever now. It's madness! 
  • Use this Groupon I purchased a while ago. It expires this month and if I let ONE more Groupon go to waste, I will ban myself from that site. And I really can't let that happen....
  • Blog more. Seriously.
  • Fix up my blog. It's all over the place and I'm not pleased with the way it looks. Oh, also, take a nicer photo for my profile picture. Very important! :) 
  • Be more appreciative of Andy and work on our relationship. I mean, really work on our relationship/friendship. Relationships are a serious commitment and a lot of work and I am no longer embarrassed to admit to that. More on this later. 

 Cheers to October being a productive month! Thanks for stopping by! 


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