Gold & Glitter Pumpkin DIY

What's cuter than a little baby pumpkin during the happiest time of the year? A little baby pumpkin coated in gold and glitter! Here's an easy, and inexpensive DIY! 

What you'll need:
-Baby Pumpkins (I found these at Trader Joe's for $.69 each)
-Gold Spray Paint (Purchased at Micheal's for under $6 with a coupon)
-Gold Glitter (Also found at Micheal's for about $2)

To avoid any gold paint all over your work surface, cover with newspaper. Wipe your pumpkins down with a wet cloth and dry off once they're clean. Holding the spray can 6 inches from the pumpkin, begin spraying liberally all over. Note: wear gloves for this if you don't want to look like you have the tin mans' hands when you're done. Once coated in paint, use a spoon to lightly dust glitter over the top of the pumpkin. Easy, no brainer way to add some pizzaz to your holiday decor!

Have fun!



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