Coffee Talk: Pumpkin Obsession + A Surprise Wedding

I've been trying to write this post for the past hour but I can't seem to stop watching Taylor Swift videos on YouTube. Really though, I shouldn't be watching videos OR blogging because it's almost midnight, I have a ton of schoolwork, and I work at 7am tomorrow. You could say I live life on the wild side. This last week has been maybe the most irritating week I've have had in quite a while, but luckily tomorrow is Monday which means a fresh start! Here are a few crazies floating around in my head currently...

1. I'm drinking a hazelnut macchiato from Starbucks right now and I'm really regretting the fact that it was $5 because it seriously tastes terrible. It's also kind of giving me a headache. Gawwww.

2. So long story short: my dad, my brother, Andy and I have had this trip to Mexico planned to visit my family...I filed for my passport 2 weeks before the government shutdown (not knowing it was going to happen obviously), then I didn't get it on time because they shut down. The federal website had a third party agency that they're affiliated with that promised they could get me my passport, so desperate, I decided to pay them to get my passport to me because really there was no other option. SO, I paid to refile, paid the third party company, passport ended up being well over $800 (including the fee of my first application). Anyway, there was a mistake made at the post office...basically I'm Mexican and I go by both my dad and mom's last names. Apparently that was too confusing. All the forms that I filled out/all my identification has my name and both last names, but the gentleman at the post office sealed the envelope and accidentally left my second last name off of one of the forms that he filled out. I got a call on Friday saying my application was rejected because of this reason, and that I would have to either legally change my name to just having one last name, or I would have to provide legal documents 5 years or older with just my first last name. They then said they could get my passport to me by Friday of the following week. Too bad my flight is Tuesday. SO, while Andy rides off on a donkey to eat some tacos, I'll be sitting at home. Alone. America, hate is a strong word, so let's just say that you wouldn't make it into my MySpace Top 8 right now. Get it together. Please.

Are you still here? There's more I want to share...

3. This is one of the best things I've watched all week. A pinners DREAM. Go ahead, cry your eyes out, it's fine.

4. This is ALSO one of the best things I've watched all week. Taylor is seriously, seriously talented. This is my favorite song of hers and this performance is flawless. I hope this song is playing somewhere in the background when I get engaged, married, dumped, whatever. It works for all occasions. 

5. Andy and I carved some pumpkins this week! This is Duke's first Halloween, so naturally he needed his own pumpkin too.

6. Friday night Andy and I hosted a chili night. I have NO idea why I didn't take photos of how we set everything up...but I was really pleased with the look! Candles, festive lights, Fall leaves, pumpkins, you get the picture. We filled this pumpkin with ice and placed some drinks in there for our guests. The apple cider was later changed to pumpkin ale because that obviously made the most sense...easy and fun idea for a small get together!

7. Glitter + Baby Pumpkins for an easy DIY that I'll be posting later this week!

8. Some people might say the pumpkin thing has gone overboard. I am not one of those people.

9. Andy and I had a nice lunch in our backyard on Wednesday and his cute self decided to sing to me after our meal (thus all the food crumbs on the table). 

10. October is over next week. I'm not sure what that's all about. 

PS: This literally took me over an hour to write. I'm all over the place. It's this awful coffee. 

Happy Monday now! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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