10 Things at 10

+Baby bird in my coffee, baby Duke on my phone.
+Andy FINALLY comes home tomorrow morning. Eight days away is too long.
+Rambunctious little Duke ate a rubber piece of his toy. The hypochondriac in me immediately assumed the worse, and after certain symptoms he showed over the weekend, he's going to the vet today. 
+This week of loneliness has reminded me that I am 100% capable of handling things all on my own/I have really great friends who are always looking out for me. 
+ I took my niece, nephew, and cousin to a pumpkin patch on Saturday morning. I was in such awe at what little adults they've become. They're so smart, so adventurous, and so joyful! I can only imagine what great people they will be when they grow up!
+It's Thanksgiving in 31 days. It's Christmas in 58 days. YAAAAAAYYY!
+I'm currently watching: Keeping Up W/The Kardashians. Baby North's room in the Jenner home is probably worth more than a brand new car. 
+I'm currently eating: Toast with pumpkin cream cheese/a sprinkle of cinnamon. Delicious!
+Duke is sleeping on my feet/keeping them so warm. I love this little guy.

Thank you for stopping by!
Have a lovely Monday!

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  1. I need that mug, omg! (Stalking your blog back, nbd)


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