The Cone of Shame

Duke is officially a little cone head for the next 2 weeks. He's not loving it (obviously) but the annoying pet mom in me couldn't help but snap a few photos of his cone cuteness! He can't stop snugging with Andy and myself-something he became too cool for as he started getting older. We thought the cone might slow him down for a bit, but he's still his little jumping jelly bean self except with a crazy cone that he hits us with about 30 times per day.
Two nights ago these two cuties fell asleep together. As it turns out, they both enjoy synchronizing their snoring...also, Duke is a little ninja. I haven't been able to catch him on camera actually asleep! His little eyes instantly open when he hears even the slightest noise.


I instantly thought of this scene when we picked Duke up after his surgery! Coincidentally, Duke and this dog look somewhat similar. Of course Duke is the sweetest little pup ever so he's obviously a much cuter version!

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